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March 21, 2017

WSPTA Legislative Consultant Testimony

Marie Sullivan, WSPTA Legislative Consultant, providing testimony on SB 5048.  Tuesday, March 21 (Olympia) – Washington State PTA (WSPTA) Legislative Consultant, Marie Sullivan, spoke during the Senate Ways & Means hearing on SB 5048. She walked the Senate through WSPTA’s legislative platform and tied into the association’s over-arching mission and values. Sullivan then spoke about how that’s…
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January 12, 2017

Erika Kapur Testifies before Senate Budget Committee

Erika Kapur, a 45th legislative district constituent and Washington State PTA (WSPTA) Region 2 Legislative Chair, testified yesterday afternoon in support of Governor Inslee’s proposed education budget. Her testimony can be found at 1 hour, 30 minutes into the Senate Ways & Means committee hearing; watch her testimony here. “This budget addresses many of the important…
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