Privacy Policy

It is the policy of the Washington State PTA that personally identifiable records, including names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers are used only for PTA purposes. WSPTA does not sell or otherwise make available such information to vendors, exhibitors or others. WSPTA may use a 3rd party mailer to communicate with members about WSPTA programs or benefits, but only with an appropriate confidentiality agreement in place to prevent unauthorized disclosure of such information. Sensitive information such as Social Security Numbers or credit card numbers are deleted or obliterated when the purpose for which such information was collected has been completed.

Complete WSPTA Privacy Policy

Protection of Individually Identifiable Information

Adopted April 30, 2009

Collection of Personally Identifiable Information

WSPTA collects personal information about members and others as follows:

  • Names, mailing addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses through its online membership enrollment website and online registration for WSPTA meetings;
  • Names, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, and credit card numbers through paper registration for WSPTA meetings and written orders to purchase of awards and other goods;
  • Names, mailing addresses, and telephone numbers of entrants in the process of administering WSPTA recognition programs;
  • Names, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, employment and income information, and social security numbers of applicants for Financial Grants and their parents.


It is the policy of the Washington State PTA to protect personal information obtained from unauthorized disclosure. Further the Washington State PTA Bylaws provide that “PTA/PTSA membership lists may not be released to outside interests.” The Executive Director shall implement appropriate practices to assure that information collected and maintained is kept confidential and used only as necessary to carry out the functions of the organization. More specifically:

  • As a general rule, only staff shall have access to personal information, except that members who volunteer to evaluate entries in recognition programs may have limited access to data necessary to complete their function, but they shall not maintain either the original or a copy of such personal information once their respective functions have been accomplished;
  • Staff may use personal information obtained or maintained by WSPTA to communicate with such persons about WSPTA events and activities, and may provide individual’s contact information to members of the WSPTA Board of Directors to enable them to communicate with them for the same purposes;
  • Staff may engage the services of an outside provider to assist in communicating with members, but shall require a signed non-disclosure agreement prior to such disclosure;
  • Staff may provide limited identification information (but not complete contact information) to a third party to verify eligibility for WSPTA benefits, but shall require a signed non-disclosure agreement prior to such disclosure;
  • Staff may provide contact information to National PTA as necessary to carry out WSPTA and NPTA functions.

When staff retains records containing social security numbers or credit card numbers and the purpose for which they were collected has been accomplished, staff shall take reasonable steps, consistent with the need to retain the records, to obliterate the numbers.

The Executive Director shall make a summary of the foregoing policy available on the website.