PTA Leaders

Region 2

Region 2 covers eastern King County and consists of the Bellevue, Issaquah, Lake Washington, Mercer Island, Riverview, and Snoqualmie Valley school districts.

Region 2 Region Service Committee

Region service committee members are volunteers who provide support to PTA leaders in the region. The function of the region service committee is to promote the purposes of WSPTA; to assist in carrying out service, training, and support to the local PTAs and councils within the region. The main responsibility of the committee is to coordinate leadership development opportunities for local PTAs and councils in the region through conferences, workshops, and other training opportunities. Anyone interested in helping out at the region level should contact the region director. Learn more here.

Washington State PTA is currently receiving and reviewing applications. Region service committee member names and contact information will be posted here once they are approved. In the meantime, you may email the region director.

Region 2 Director
Lauren Bartholomew

Region Advocacy Chair
Position open

Service Specialist
Position open

Service Specialist – General Support
Melissa Saunders

Service Specialist – FACE
Position open

Service Specialist – Membership
Position open

Service Specialist – Programs & Reflections
Position open

Bellevue PTSA Council 2.3 Representative
Emilie Castle

Issaquah PTSA Council 2.6 Representative
Position open

Lake Washington PTSA Council 2.8 Representative
Kristen Dorwin

Mercer Island PTSA Council 2.9 Representative
Debbie Burke & Julian Bradley

Riverview PTSA Council 2.16 Representative
Sara Balsley

Snoqualmie Valley PTSA Council 2.18 Representative
Kim Jones

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Council Support

The functions of a council are to promote the purposes of WSPTA; to provide services, information, support, and leadership training for local PTAs in their area. Councils promote cooperation among local PTAs and encourage projects promoting children’s health, safety, welfare and/or education in the local PTAs and the community. Your Council Representative listed above can assist you, or put you in contact with a council volunteer or region service delivery team volunteer who can best provide the support you need.

Councils are comprised of each local PTA in their designated area as defined by their charter. The local PTA, as an entity, not the individual members, comprise the membership of the council. Councils are typically organized around a school district. However, other local PTAs may become members of councils with mutual consent.

Councils in Region 2

Bellevue PTSA Council 2.3  –  Facebook     Website

Issaquah PTSA Council 2.6  –  Facebook     Website

Lake Washington PTSA Council 2.8  –  Facebook     Website

Mercer Island PTA Council 2.9  –  Facebook     Website

Riverview PTSA Council 2.16  –  Facebook     Website

Snoqualmie Valley PTSA Council 2.18  – Facebook   Website