Board of Directors

Washington State PTA members elect a representative board of directors to manage the business of the association every two years at the spring annual meeting during the WSPTA Convention. The board of directors is charged, on behalf of all WSPTA members, with the fiduciary duty and oversight of the largest child advocacy organization in the state of Washington. In addition to the volunteer board positions, WSPTA is managed with the help of a small and efficient staff.

Executive Committee


Barbara Martin

Vice President

Leanne Hawkins


Dori Tate

Finance Officer

Janice Kutzera

5th Member of the Executive Committee

Michelle Nims

State Directors

Family and Community Engagement Director

Judy East

Leadership Director

Julie Haase

Legislative Director

Duncan Taylor

Membership Director

Teri Davis

Program Director

Position Open

Area Vice Presidents

Area A Vice President (Serving Regions 1 & 6)

Monika Scotti

Area B Vice President (Serving Regions 2 & 5)

Jane Dulski

Area C Vice President (Serving Region 9 & 10)

Sharon Pfeiffer

Area D Vice President (Serving Regions 3, 4, 11 & 12)

Amanda Shipman

Area E Vice President (Serving Regions 7, 8 & 15)

Michelle Nims

Region Directors

Region 1 Director

Michelle Johnson

Region 2 Director

Position Open

Region 3 Director

Kimberli Swenson

Region 4 Director

Heather Beaird

Region 5 Director

Kristi Shafer

Region 6 Director

Sherry Rudolph

Region 7 Director

Mary Levesque

Region 8 Director

Position Open

Region 9 Director

Tania Skinner

Region 10 Director

Janet Stewart

Region 11 Director

Andrea Plagens

Region 12 Director

Diane Call

Region 15 Director

Position Open