Board of Directors

Washington State PTA members elect a representative board of directors to manage the business of the association every two years at the spring annual meeting during the WSPTA Convention. The board of directors is charged, on behalf of all WSPTA members, with the fiduciary duty and oversight of the largest child advocacy organization in the state of Washington. In addition to the volunteer board positions, WSPTA is managed with the help of a small and efficient staff.

Executive Committee


Michelle Nims

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Michelle got involved with PTA like many others – because of her two daughters. “I wanted to be involved in their education and get to know their friends, teachers, and school,” she says.

By serving on the WSPTA Board of Directors, she hopes to help make every child’s potential a reality by: 1-Advocating for the education, health, safety, and welfare of all children, 2-Helping Washington State PTA flourish and meet the varied needs of our PTAs and members statewide, and 3-Assisting our PTA leaders to make their unique communities the best they can be.

Michelle was involved in local PTAs in Everett including an elementary, middle and high school and served as the first PTA President of Forest View Elementary. Her PTA leadership positions also include serving on the Everett PTSA Council, three years on the WSPTA board and nine years at the region and/or state committee level. Most recently, she served as Area E Vice President.


Vice President

Teri Davis

Teri Davis - Vice President
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Teri began her involvement in PTA in Vancouver’s Truman Elementary to show her daughter that she cared about her education. “Now I think beyond my daughter to students across the district and state,” she says.

Her focus on the WSPTA board is membership growth. “Our members are the voice of our association and the voice for children. Your local PTA membership is important because your voice is combined with thousands of voices across the state and millions across the nation as we advocate for our children.”

Teri has had over ten years of PTA experience in Vancouver and is also a member of more than five PTAs across the state. In Truman’s PTA, she held several roles including Vice President. In the Vancouver Council PTA, she served as Secretary and President. In her local middle school’s PTSA, she served as Membership Chair and Vice President. At the state level, Teri has served as Region 3 Membership Chair, Region 3 Director and Membership Director.


Diane Call

Diane Call - Secretary
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There was a need for a new chairperson for the huge science fair at her son’s middle school, so Diane volunteered. This was the beginning of her involvement with PTA.

As a member of the WSPTA Board, Diane hopes to help clarify the vision to as many PTA officers and members as possible. She’d like to impress upon them that what they do in their children’s schools can benefit not just their own children, or even those children within their PTA school communities, but throughout their communities, their state, and the whole country.

Diane has been involved with PTA for 13 years and belongs to numerous PTAs in Richland, Region 12 and throughout the state. She has served as Treasurer at a local middle school and high school, President for the high school and President and Reflections Chair for the Richland Council.

Diane has served in leadership positions for WSPTA including two terms as Region 12 Director and participation on various committees.

Finance Officer

Janice Kutzera

Janice Kutzera - Finance Officer
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Janice volunteered on the board of her co-op preschool, so getting involved with the PTA was a natural transition. The PTA board seemed to have fun and did a lot for the school. “Once asked to serve, I was hooked!” she says.

As Finance Officer for the WSPTA board, Janice hopes to work with others to ensure the sustainability of the association for decades to come, and to help energize and educate the next generation of leadership.

Janice has more than 14 years of local PTA and PTSA leadership including volunteering at an elementary, middle and high school in Kenmore and serving as Treasurer, Legislative Vice President, Vice President and President of the Northshore Council PTSA. Her WSPTA leadership positions include Finance Officer (one year), Region 6 Director (two years), and eight years serving on various committees.


Area C Vice President

Tania Skinner

Per the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws, Article 7, Section 5A, Tania Skinner, Area C Vice President, was elected on June 10, 2018 by the board of directors to serve a one year term as the 5th EC member.

For more information on Tania, see her details in the Area Vice Presidents section below.

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State Directors

Family and Community Engagement Director

Duncan Taylor

Duncan Taylor - Family & Community Engagement Director

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Duncan and his wife joined the PTA at Parkside Elementary in Des Moines as soon as their son started kindergarten and have been members ever since. Duncan is part of PTA for a few reasons. “I believe that parents must be leaders; in their homes, communities, and schools,” he says. “I believe that leadership is a skill that must be taught. I believe that PTA is uniquely suited to provide that training. And I believe in being a part of that mission,” he adds.

Duncan hopes to help build a stronger association through developing and implementing effective policies, creating and supporting programs that have a meaningful impact in the lives of children, and above all, by empowering individual members to be effective advocates for the children in their communities.

He has served as both Legislative Chair and Membership Chair at the Parkside Elementary PTA and as Legislative Director for WSPTA.

Leadership Director

Julie Haase

Julie Haase - Leadership Director
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Julie first got involved in PTA in 2002 when her oldest child was in kindergarten. She wanted to be a “familiar and helpful face in the community in order to be the best advocate for his needs” that she possibly could.

Serving on the WSPTA board as Leadership Director, Julie hopes to help the organization “achieve a higher level of service to its local PTA leaders so they are able to run successful PTAs that are of great service to their local communities.”

Julie is a longtime PTSA volunteer in Redmond.  Several schools there have benefited from her involvement and leadership in their PTSAs, as has the Lake Washington PTSA Council. Along with many other PTSA roles, Julie served as PTSA President at an elementary school, a Committee Chair for several committees at middle and junior high schools, Board Member and Treasurer at the high school, and Executive Vice President at the council.

Her state-level experience dates back to 2013.  She served on the Region 2 Service Delivery Team as a Service Specialist and as Family and Community Engagement Chair. She has served on the WSPTA leadership and strategic planning committees, as Secretary, and as Leadership Director since 2016.

Advocacy Director

Nancy Chamberlain

Nancy Chamberlain - Legislative Director
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Nancy was a new PTA member when her PTA President gave an update on how WSPTA was advocating for simple majority for school levies, which would put millions more dollars into public schools.  “I realized then that PTA has a powerful role speaking for all kids,” she says.

As Advocacy Director, Nancy has several goals including to:1-design new tools, resources, and trainings for local and statewide advocacy, 2-build a strong statewide legislative committee, 3-improve communication to Legislative Chairs, 4-make advocacy easy and relevant to members, 5-build on the momentum from Focus Day 2017, and 6-increase the visibility of WSPTA as a leader in advocating for the education and well-being of all children in Washington state.

Nancy has over 20 years’ experience volunteering and serving in leadership roles with PTAs in Woodinville.  She was President of the PTAs at two elementary schools and a junior high. For another junior high’s PTA, she wasTreasurer and Legislative Chair and at Woodinville High, she was Legislative Chair. For WSPTA, she served on the Region 6 Service Delivery Team and as a WSPTA Representative on the Washington State OSPI Core Instructional Materials Review Team.

Membership Director

Megan Klein

Megan Klein - Membership Director
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One of the reasons that Megan got involved in her local PTA was because she wanted to meet people and keep her communications and event-planning skills fresh. As WSPTA’s Membership Director, she wants to continue the membership work that her predecessor started.  “I hope to continue the groundbreaking work of outgoing WSPTA Membership Director Teri Davis, under whose direction our state association began to shift its view of PTA membership and subsequently saw an increase in membership results,” she says.

Megan’s involvement with PTA started in Puyallup at Meeker Elementary School in 2010 where she served in various roles including President.  She then served as Charter Member and Vice President at Kalles Junior High’s PTA and Vice President-Membership and President of the Puyallup PTA Council.

On the Region 5 Service Delivery Team, she served as Nominating Committee Chair, Service Delivery Specialist and Region Membership Chair in addition to her work on five of WSPTA’s committees.

Program Director

Kimberli Swenson

Kimberli Swenson - Program Director
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Kimberli wanted to be involved in her children’s (one daughter and two sons) school which led to her involvement with PTA.  “I saw the need to bridge the gap between parents and the school administration, as well as the lack of support and funding for our teachers and schools,” she says.

She hopes that her service on the WSPTA Board of Directors will help to continue and grow the advocacy that the association provides to every child in Washington state.  She wants to continue to provide help and support to local PTA leaders and members so that the organization can grow and foster their PTA and community relationships.

Kimberli has been an active parent volunteer and member of five local PTAs in the state. She served as Vice President of her PTA in Battle Ground, and Legislative Chair, Vice President and President of Pleasant Valley PTA in Vancouver.  She has also been Programs Chair for Region 3. Her most recent role was at the state-level as Region 3 Director.

Area Vice Presidents

Area A Vice President (Serving Regions 1 & 6)

Monika Scotti

Monika Scotti - Area A VP
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Region 6 webpage

Monika got involved in PTA because of what it stands for and what PTA has done for children. Serving on the WSPTA board, she hopes to help other organizations understand what PTA stands for and that the organization is not just about fundraising.

Monika’s involvement in local PTAs and state-wide leadership positions is impressive.  She has been involved in and held many leadership positions in an elementary and middle school PTA and at a council in Bremerton for over 15 years.

Monika’s PTA leadership also includes the following WSPTA positions: Region 1 Director, Scholarship Chair, Scholarship Basket Chair, leadership committee, corporate finance committee and Area A Vice President.

Area B Vice President (Serving Regions 2 & 5)

Jane Dulski

Jane Dulski - Area B VP

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Jane got interested in PTA because she wanted to be a part of her three sons’ educational experiences. As a member of the WSPTA board of directors, she hopes to support the growth of future PTA leaders and to be an advocate for the health, education and welfare of all children.

Jane has served in leadership positions in her community’s PTAs in both Redmond and Sammamish. In Sammamish, she was a member of McAuliffee Elementary’s PTA for eight years serving in leadership positions including President, Vice President of Fundraising and chair of many committees. With Sammamish’s Inglewood Middle School and Redmond’s Telsa STEM High School’s PTAs, she was a member of and/or chaired many committees.  She also served as Vice President and President of the Lake Washington PTSA Council.

Her leadership roles for WSPTA include Area B Vice President, Region 2 Director, Region 2 Service Delivery Team and serving on countless committees.

Area C Vice President (Serving Region 9 & 10)

Tania Skinner

Tania Skinner - Area C VP
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Having just moved to the Covington area in 2002, Tania’s first interest in PTA was as an opportunity to meet other parents in the community. She attended her first PTA meeting and walked out as the silent auction chairperson. “I soon realized that there was so much more to being a part of PTA than just meeting new people, although that was a plus. So many children can be impacted by the work we do as a PTA,” she says.

As a WSPTA board member, Tania hopes to provide support and guidance to local and council PTA leaders “to help them be successful as leaders and to have PTAs that are truly a benefit to the school communities of which they are a part.”

Tania has three daughters and has been involved in PTAs in both Covington and Kent for over 20 years. She served in leadership positions including President for the Cedar Valley Elementary PTA, the Kentlake High School Community PTSA, and the Kent Area PTSA Council. She has also served as the WSPTA Region 9 Director.

Area D Vice President (Serving Regions 3, 4, 11 & 12)

Amanda Shipman

Amanda Shipman - Area D VP
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Region 11 webpage
Region 12 webpage

Amanda was always active in a parent group, but when her family moved, she joined the PTA for the first time. “Three months later, I went to my first convention and I was hooked,” she says. “I wanted to learn all and everything PTA.”

Amanda plans to bring a small-school perspective to the WSPTA board and hopes to achieve balance in decisions that are made that affect PTAs within a variety of school sizes.  She’d like to educate more parents about how they can get involved with their local PTAs and encourage them to do so.

Two Yakima elementary schools, a middle school and high school have benefited from Amanda’s involvement and leadership in their PTAs as has the Yakima City Council PTA. She worked her way up to President at the elementary and middle school and President at the council. At the state level, Amanda served for two-and-a-half years as Region 11 Director and the past year as Area D Vice President.

Area E Vice President (Serving Regions 7, 8 & 15)

Mary Levesque

Mary Levesque - Area E VP
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Region 8 webpage
Region 15 webpage

Mary wanted to help more than just her own children (five daughters and a son) achieve in school. She started in the classroom helping a handful of students and then thought she could help more students by serving in the PTA. “PTA gives me an opportunity to use my brain, develop new skills and meet new people,” she says.

While on the board, Mary says that her primary focus will be on kids, by making decisions that will benefit their health, welfare, education and safety. She hopes the board can achieve responsible stewardship, integrity, civility, and kindness while working together to strengthen homes, families, PTAs, schools, neighborhoods, and communities.

Mary has served in leadership positions in an elementary school, middle school, and council in Arlington. Those positions include Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice President at the schools and Treasurer and President for the Arlington Area Council. She has also served as Region 7 Director and as part of the Service Delivery Team for Region 7.

WSPTA Board of Director Meetings

The WSPTA board of directors meets four to five times per year. Members are welcome to request a courtesy seat to the WSPTA president at least one week prior to a meeting or may provide items of interest, concerns, or acknowledgement to the board’s attention by attending the PTA Member Forum which occurs at the beginning of each meeting.

Information about the board meetings can be found on the Events Calendar. The remaining meetings for 2018-19 occur on January 26 and April 25. Check out the WSPTA Policy Manual, Section 5.1.5 Guest Protocols for WSPTA Board of Directors Meetings for additional details.