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Reflections Program for Leaders

*UPDATED* The Reflections submittal process is new this year.

To learn more about the process and ask your questions please register to attend the webinar on January 5 at 7:00.

There are two new resources specific to the submission process. The Excel template should be used to provide the information for all of your submissions and the Reflections Submission Tips document steps you through the submission process.

WSPTA will provide a unique link to a Dropbox folder for uploading your submissions. Councils will automatically be sent their own unique link. Non-council PTAs must fill out this online form to be sent their unique link. PTAs within a council area may only submit through the council.

Thank you for volunteering to host a Reflections® program!

Reflections® is a National PTA and Washington State PTA arts recognition program for students in grades pre-K through 12. The program is structured for PTAs to celebrate and recognize students at the local, council, state, and national levels. All PTAs/PTSAs in good standing may sponsor the program. Students may only submit entries through a PTA/PTSA. Parent groups not affiliated with the National PTA are not eligible to sponsor this program.

Councils are required, per the WSPTA Standards of Affiliation agreement, to offer a Reflections® program for their local PTAs.

The due date for Reflections entries to be received at the WSPTA office (15 Oregon Avenue, Suite 202, Tacoma) for councils and non-council local PTAs is January 22, 2021.


Contact the WSPTA Reflections Chair:

Click here to see National PTA’s 2021 Reflections Call for Entries video.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the online process required?

*stay tuned for updated instructions coming soon*

In Washington, all local PTAs and councils are required to register and advance student entries through the National PTA Student Entry Portal. This is how WSPTA and National PTA will access all of the entries for judging. Many councils use this information as well.

When and where do I submit entries?

Each council sets its own deadlines. Contact your council to find out your deadline, and where to turn in your artwork.

The due date for Reflections entries to be received by Washington State PTA for councils and non-council local PTAs:

January 22, 2021

Entries will be uploaded to an online portal. Further details will be available soon.

How many entries can we submit?

Local PTAs that are members of a council need to follow council Reflections instructions to determine how many entries may be forwarded to their council. Non-council PTAs and councils should use the following table (also available in the Reflections handbook):

How do I know if my PTA is part of a council?

Contact your PTA president, region director, or the WSPTA office.

Where do I find my PTA’s state and national ID numbers?

Your PTA has both a National PTA number and a WSPTA number. Your local PTA president and/or secretary can provide these numbers to you. Your National PTA number is an 8-digit number that usually starts with zero. Your WSPTA number is divided by periods in between 3 sets of numbers. For example, 2.12.123. Both numbers need to be included on the entry form. Your National PTA number can also be found at Your WSPTA number can also be found at

When will entries that advanced to WSPTA be returned?

WSPTA and National PTA return only visual arts and photography entries. Please keep a copy of all other entries. Entries received at the state-level are returned to your region director at the WSPTA annual convention in the spring. It is the responsibility of the region directors to distribute the entries to their councils and/or local PTAs. If you have not received your entries by the end of May, please contact your region director.

National PTA may keep the entries for up to three years, if the entry becomes part of the National PTA tour.