PTA Leaders

Leader Resources

As a benefit of membership, WSPTA provides many resources for members and PTA leaders. To assist them in their volunteer positions, PTA leaders should make sure that other board and committee members are aware of the variety of resources available on the WSPTA website.

You will find handbooks and other resources for PTA leaders on the Leadership Guides page, and PTA logos and guidelines on the PTA Logos page. To help you get started download Deadline Dates 2017-18. Additional resources for managing a successful PTA, such as bylaws, policy, and SOA, are located on the Governance page.

PTA leaders are provided a username and password to access these pages. Members, who are not PTA leaders, will be provided a username and password to access the Benefits and Discount Codes page by their PTA leaders. One username and password is used by all paid members who are not PTA leaders.

Resources on the Leadership Guides page

Leaders should continue to use the same username and password as used to access leadership resources on the old website (all lowercase letters). You will find the following resources on the Leadership Guides page:

990-N (ePostcard) User Guide
Additional information about re-seller permits
Advocacy Handbook
AIM Insurance Online Application Form
AIM Knowledge Center
Best Practices Checklist
Cash Box Count
Committee Plan of Action
Corporation Annual Report Instructions
Council Handbook
Deposit Detail
Eligibility 1023-EZ
Email, Mail and Online Voting Procedures
Family & Community Engagement Handbook
Financial Red Flags
Financial Review Checklist
Fundraising & Sales Tax
Glossary of Financial Terms
Instructions for Maintaining Officers in PT Avenue
Legal Documents Notebook
Managing Your Nonprofit PTA Handbook
Member Entry and Management Guide
Membership Handbook
Nominating Committees & Elections Handbook
Non-Signer Review of Bank Statements
President Handbook
PT Avenue End of Year Process
PT Avenue Guide (updated June 2016)
PT Avenue Member Import Video
PTA Insurance Guide (from AIM)
Raffles – Washington State Gambling Commission
Records Retention Timetable
Reflections Handbook
Request for Payment
Retailing and Other Activities Return Instructions
Running a Great After-School Enrichment Program
Sales Tax Calculator and De-Calculator
Sales Tax Rate
Sales Tax Remittance Return Form (2016)
Sample Conflict of Interest Policy Agreement
Sample Contract Between PTA & Contractor
Sample Instructions for Charitable Organization Registration/Renewal Form
Sample IRS Form 1023 Filing Instructions
Sample Letter for Returned Check
Sample Receipts
Sample Restricted Donation Form
Secretary Handbook
Set Up Guide
Standing Rules Handbook
Treasurer Handbook
Washington State PTA Sample Instructions 1023-ez
Whitelisting your WSPTA and PT Avenue Emails
WSPTA Optional Registration form Instructions
WSPTA Re-Seller Permit Application Instructions (updated 1/2016)