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"Bobcat Cave is an alternative recess program that allows students to participate in a quieter environment during their lunch recess. Some students find themselves alone or overstimulated in the average recess setting. At Bobcat Cave, our volunteers build Legos, play board games and do crafts with students. Some students come to Bobcat Cave because it is fun and something different." - Christine Elledge, Brier PTA #7.2.15


WSPTA is the oldest and the largest nonprofit grassroots children’s advocacy association in Washington state. Together we can strengthen our voice to improve the quality of our children’s health, welfare, safety, and education.

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Membership Benefits

WSPTA teams up with businesses and associations that align with WSPTA’s mission and vision to serve the whole child by offering members special discounts. All Washington State PTA members can save money through these benefits and discounts.

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Leader Resources

WSPTA's annual convention is a perfect time to attend in-person training and provides valuable networking opportunities. In addition to training at various locations, WSPTA provides handbooks and other resources to help PTA leaders in their roles.

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Upcoming Events

Feb 20

PTA and the Law Webinar PTA and the Law is a vital training for your entire board. Learn about state and federal rules and regulations for running a nonprofit corporation. All Washington State PTA trainings and events are for PTA officers, board members, committee chairs, and interested members only.

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Feb 28

Annual Corporation Renewal

If your PTA incorporated this month, the annual corporation renewal is due; regardless of the income your PTA earns. This is separate from the Charitable Organization registration/renewal. When you are about to file, click File Online for Nonprofits. You can check the status of your renewal on the Secretary of…

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Mar 1

Game Development Competition Final Due Date

For more information visit the Game Development Competition page here.

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Latest News

2019 Legislative Session – Week 6

Olympia digs out from the snow, first cutoff looms Prepared by Marie Sullivan, WSPTA Legislative Consultant, In unprecedented action, the Legislature cancelled committee meetings Monday, February 11, due to historic amounts of snow that had fallen since the previous Friday. Most Monday committee meetings were rescheduled for…

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WSPTA Testifies on School Construction and Simple Majority for Bonds

Sherry Rudolph showed some love for two bills that were heard February 14, including SB 5853, which would increase the 40-year old student space allocation and cost allowance formulas to more current standards, with a phased-in approach. The bill was part of the Senate Ways & Means Committee meeting. Here’s…

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Call to Action – Support Strategies to Address the Teacher Shortage

Dear Washington State PTA member, Washington has an estimated shortage of 3500 certificated teachers, and 97% of human resource (HR) directors say they are struggling or in crisis mode when asked about their ability to hire qualified, certificated candidates to fill current open positions.  Every student deserves to be…

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