As the largest volunteer organization in the state, WSPTA has many opportunities for members to engage and contribute. Members will find opportunities that fit their particular strengths and passions, while other members may use the variety of opportunities as a way to learn new skills. Volunteering to chair or serve on a committee is a great way to participate in your own professional development while you give back to the children of Washington state. From time to time, additional special committees or task forces may be created and the opportunity for volunteers to help will be advertised through multiple communication tools. Details about committees are listed below. You can learn more about volunteering on the volunteer page, or volunteer now.

Bylaws Committee

This committee reviews the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws each year and submits recommendations to the WSPTA board of directors as necessary. In addition, the committee reviews any amendment recommendations submitted by members. Amendments are voted on by the members at the annual convention.

Convention Planning Committee

This committee plans and coordinates volunteers and their activities at the WSPTA annual convention. The committee works closely with the leadership committee and staff in executing all components of the annual convention.

Elections Oversight Committee

This committee oversees the statewide election process in order to ensure fairness for all candidates.

Family & Community Engagement (FACE) Committee

Under the leadership of the WSPTA FACE Director, this statewide committee promotes programs and resources to attract inclusiveness in our diverse communities. Region teams may provide a family and community engagement representative to serve on this committee.

Leadership Committee

The leadership committee assists the WSPTA Leadership Director in developing WSPTA leadership materials and programs. The committee also helps plan leadership conferences including the WSPTA leadership conference and annual WSPTA convention classes. Some committee members may be asked to present WSPTA trainings.

Legislative Committee

Region teams may provide a legislative representative to serve on this committee. Others with the desire and passion may also be approved to serve.  The committee, guided by the WSPTA Legislative Director, reviews the grassroots submissions provided by members to create the WSPTA legislative platform. Committee members assist with the WSPTA Legislative Assembly, help members in meeting with their legislators, and organize members to testify on our short- and long-term priorities.

Membership Committee

Under leadership of the WSPTA Membership Director, this committee develops a statewide membership campaign. Committee members also review membership resources and awards. Region teams may provide a membership representative to serve on the committee.

Nominating Committee

Unlike the other committees, nominating committee members are elected by the membership to serve. Anyone interested in this committee should look for information to be posted sometime in January.

Policy Committee

Similar to the bylaws committee, the policy committee reviews and updates the WSPTA Policy Manual to reflect current business practices.

Programs Committee

Under guidance of the WSPTA Program Director, this committee oversees the awards and recognition program for WSPTA as well as other programs for local PTAs and students. Region teams may provide a programs representative to serve on this committee.

Reflections Committee

The Reflections Program provides students an opportunity to use their creative talents by expressing themselves through their own original works. This committee assists in implementing this program for all local PTAs.

Region Teams

WSPTA is comprised of 13 regions. Each region is serviced by a team of volunteers who help the local PTAs and councils in their respective region. Regions need people with skills in social media, event planning, finance, advocacy, membership, programs, family and community engagement, communications, and more. Volunteers must live in the region for the team they support.

Resolutions Committee

This committee oversees the association’s resolutions. A resolution is a permanent statement of policy adopted by the membership. Committee members review current WSPTA resolutions, and National PTA resolutions, consider emerging “hot issues” for new resolutions, and provide information about resolutions to the membership.

Scholarship Committee

WSPTA awards scholarships to students for higher education. The scholarship committee reviews the application process, students’ submissions, and selects scholarship recipients.

Strategic Plan Committee

This committee assists WSPTA leadership to formulate, advance and communicate strategies to achieve the goals of the association.

WSPTA//Game Development Competition Committee

This committee oversees this program and assists in its implementation for students of high school PTAs. It also recommends whether to scale the competition to be applicable for middle and elementary school students.