Focus Areas

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)


Washington State PTA values diversity within and among the communities across our state.  When we are focused on relationships and community building with an eye toward inclusion, we are better able to serve our families.  In 2020, WSPTA embarked on an organizational effort to examine practices, procedures, and programs to align our services with our goals around diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We remain committed to improvement in all areas of our organization to respect diversity within our membership and build our leadership pipeline to better represent the families we serve.


In 2021, WSPTA performed a search for a professional partner to work with us to conduct a comprehensive audit of our organizational policies, programs, and practices.  WSPTA selected AV Consulting and the audit is underway.  The work we are doing with our new partner includes the following elements:

  • Listening Sessions among BIPOC communities and among Special Education Parents
  • Review of WSPTA Uniform Bylaws to identify areas for positive DEI-focused change
  • Review of WSPTA policies to identify potential barriers to success and participation
  • Analysis of election processes to identify ways to increase diversity among candidates
  • Production of a framework to use when creating training and guidance resources for local PTAs and councils

In spring 2022, the board of directors prepared this statement of commitment to the DEI Audit. Our consultants also prepared this video update on the DEI Audit process.

If you are interested in learning more about the DEI Audit, please contact WSPTA Executive Director Andrew Estep.


WSPTA offers training on DEI, FACE, and many more topics throughout the year.  Be sure to check the Events Calendar to see upcoming opportunities for training.

WSPTA has a number of resolutions and advocacy resources related to DEI work.

WSPTA Resolutions:

  • 2.19 LGBTQ+ Inclusion
  • 2.25 Restorative Justice and Improving Student Outcomes
  • 2.26 Dismantling Institutional and Systemic Racism
  • 2.27 Improving Outcomes for Children and Youth in Highly Mobile Populations
  • 4.16 Equitable and Impactful Family Engagement in Education

National PTA DEI resources: