PTA Leaders

Leadership Guides

Leadership guides and materials are provided for all PTA leaders. Position-specific handbooks are provided for president, treasurer, secretary, and a variety of chair positions. In addition, forms and booklets on a variety of other topics are available for download to help in running the business and programs of your PTA. Additional resources for managing a successful PTA, such as bylaws, policy, and SOA, are located on the Governance page.

To access the resources located on this page please use the “login” link at the top of the screen.


For Advocacy or Legislative Chairs and Vice Presidents, Presidents, Board Members

  • Advocacy Handbook (8/2019) PDF
  • Taking Positions On Ballot Measures And More (7/2019) PDF
  • PTA Endorsement Vote (03/2020) *updated* PDF
  • Resolution Best Practices (03/2020) *updated* PDF
  • Resolution Template (11/2019) PDF


For all council leaders

  • Council Handbook (8/2019) PDF

Elections and Voting

For Board Members

  • Mail, Email and Electronic Voting (6/2019) PDF
  • Parliamentary Procedure Cheat Sheet (2/2019) PDF

Family & Community Engagement

For Family & Community Engagement Chairs, Vice Presidents, Board Members and Chair Persons

  • Family & Community Engagement Handbook (8/2019) PDF


For all PTA Board Members – see additional Treasurer/Finance Resources below

  • Managing Your Nonprofit PTA Handbook (8/2019) PDF
  • Treasurer Handbook (9/2019)  PDF
  • Financial Review Checklist (9/2019)  PDF


For local PTA/Council Membership Chairs, Vice Presidents, and Presidents

  • Membership Handbook (8/2019) PDF
  • Membership Form Quiz (10/2019)  PDF
  • Membership Strategy that Works (03/2020) *updated* PDF
  • WSPTA Membership Theme Ideas (1/2019) PDF
  • 10 Reasons to Join Flyer (10/2019)  PDF
  • 10 Reasons to Join Flyer – Spanish (10/2019)  PDF

Membership Database

For local PTA Membership Chairs, Treasurers, and Presidents
New database information coming soon!

Nominating Committee and Elections

For Nominating Committee Members, Presidents, Board Members

  • Nominating Committees & Elections Handbook (8/2019) PDF
  • Sample Recommendation for Nomination (8/2019) PDF
  • Sample Nominating Committee Report (8/2019) PDF


For Presidents, Vice Presidents

  • President Handbook (8/2019) PDF
  • Best Practices Checklist (12/2018) PDF


For all PTA leaders

  • Running a Great After-School Enrichment Program (5/2016) PDF


For Secretaries, Presidents, Board Members

  • Secretary Handbook (8/2019) PDF

Standing Rules

For Presidents, Board Members

  • Standing Rules Handbook (8/2019) PDF
  • Sample Standing Rules Template – for Councils (10/2019)  Word
  • Sample Standing Rules Template – for Local PTAs (10/2019)  Word

Treasurer/Board Finance Resources


IRS Information

Form 8822-B *revised* (12/2019)

Form 1023 Information
1023 EZ Eligibility Worksheet (1/2018)
IRS Form 1023-EZ WSPTA Instructions (4/2020) *revised* PDF
IRS Form 1023 Filing WSPTA Instructions (6/2020) *revised*  PDF

Form 990 Information
Reminder: IRS Form 990 is due November 15
990-N (ePostcard) User Guide (3/2018)
Form 990EZ  (2019)
IRS Form 990 EZ (WSPTA Instructions) (10/2019) PDF
Schedule A (2018)
Schedule A (WSPTA Instructions) (10/2019) PDF
Schedule C (2018)
Schedule C (WSPTA Instructions) (10/2019) PDF
Schedule G (2018)
Schedule G (WSPTA Instructions) (10/2019) PDF
Schedule O (2018)

Note: If you haven’t filed for 2017-18 and have questions, email WSPTA staff member Tatia.

Treasurer Resources

Best Practices for Financial Management (9/2019) PDF
Budget Financial Reports (Advanced) (2/2019) Excel
Budget Financial Reports (Basic) (2/2019) Excel
Cash Box Count (9/2019)  PDF
Cash Box Count – generic fillable (1/2020) *new* PDF
Committee Budget Worksheet (9/2018) Word or PDF
Committee Plan of Action (10/2019)  PDF
Committee Program Evaluation (9/2018) Word or PDF
Deposit Detail (10/2019) PDF
Financial Red Flags (9/2019)  PDF
Financial Reports Budget (Advanced) (2/2019) Excel
Financial Reports Budget (Basic) (2/2019) Excel
Financial Review Checklist (9/2019) PDF
Glossary of Financial Terms (9/2019)  PDF
Legal Documents Notebook (9/2019)  PDF
Non-Signer Review of Bank Statements (9/2019)  PDF
Online Financial Safety for PTAs (9/2019)  PDF
Records Retention Timetable (9/2019)  PDF
Registered Agent FAQ (1/2020) *new* PDF
Request for Payment (9/2019)  Word or PDF
Returned Check Letter (9/2019)  PDF
Receipt Samples (10/2019)  PDF
Restricted Donation Form (10/2019)  PDF

Washington Department of Revenue Resources

Sales Tax Rate – use this when figuring out the sales tax for any location within Washington State.

Sales Tax Calculator and De-Calculator – use this when figuring out the sales tax on your popcorn sales or other similar activities. Your PTA will need to know the sales tax rate.

Retailing and Other Activities Return WSPTA Instructions (01/2020) PDF

Applying or Renewing a Reseller Permit WSPTA Instructions (01/2020) PDF

Additional information about re-seller permits

Washington Secretary of State Resources

Annual Corporation Report WSPTA Instructions (10/2019) PDF
Charitable Organization Renewal WSPTA Instructions (7/2020) *updated* PDF
Charitable Organization Optional Renewal WSPTA Instructions (2/2020) PDF

Other Resources

Sample Conflict of Interest Policy Agreement (8/2019) Word or PDF
Fundraising & Sales Tax FAQ (10/2019)  PDF
Raffles – Washington State Gambling Commission
Sample Contract Between PTA & Independent Contractor (8/2019) Word or PDF
Sample Money Handling Policy (5/2019) PDF

Acronyms and Terms



ACT: American College Testing Program
ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act
ADD: Attention Deficit Disorder
ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
AFT: American Federation of Teachers
ALE: Alternative Learning Experience
AP: Advanced Placement
ASB: Associated Student Body
AWSP: Association of Washington School Principals
AYP: Adequate Yearly Progress


CCSS: Common Core State Standards

CIS: Certificated Instructional Staff
COLA: Cost of Living Adjustment
CPS: Child Protective Services
CTE: Career and Technical Education


DOE: United States Department of Education
DSHS: Department of Social and Health Services


EALR: Essential Academic Learning Requirements (Essential Learnings)
ECEAP: Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program
ELL: English Language Learner
ESD: Educational Service District
ESEA: Elementary and Secondary Education Act
ESL: English as a Second Language


FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

FBLA: Future Business Leaders of America
FCCLA: Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America
FERPA: Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
FTE: Full Time Equivalent
FY: Fiscal Year (July-June)


GED: General Education Development Certificate
GLE: Grade Level Expectations
GPA: Grade Point Average


IB: International Baccalaureate
IDEA: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IDEIA: Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act
IEP: Individualized Education Program
IT: Information Technology



LAP: Learning Assistance Program
LEP: Limited English Proficient
LID: Learning Improvement Day


M&O: Maintenance and Operation
MAT: Master of Arts in Teaching
McCleary: re McCleary, et al. v. State of Washington lawsuit


N/A: Not Applicable
NAEP: National Assessment of Educational Progress
NCLB: No Child Left Behind (The 2001 Elementary and Secondary Education Act)
NRT: Norm-Referenced Tests


OEO: Office of the Education Ombuds
OSPI: Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction


PC: Personal Computer
PTA: Parent – Teacher Association
PTO: Parent – Teacher Organization
PTSA: Parent – Teacher Student Association


RCW: Revised Code of Washington
RIC: Resource Information Center



SBAC: Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium
SB: Senate Bill (originating in the Senate)
SAT: Scholastic Achievement Test
SBE: State Board of Education
SD: School District
Section 504: Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
SI: School Improvement
SIF: School Improvement Facilitator
SIP: School Improvement Plan
SIT: School Improvement Team
SPED: Special Education


TPEP: Teacher/Principal Evaluation Project (Washington State)


WAC: Washington Administration Code
WASA: Washington Association of School Administrators
WEA: Washington Education Association
WIC: Women, Infants, and Children
WSBE: Washington State Board of Education
WSSDA: Washington State School Directors Association