May 2, 2022

May Checklist for Councils Supporting Local PTAs

Ongoing Tasks

  • Offer support to local PTAs who may be struggling with any of the SOA requirements.
  • Encourage local PTAs in their membership campaigns.
  • Work with your region director to support any local PTAs with fewer than 25 members.
  • Work with your region director to support any local PTAs on the “no president list.”
  • Remind local PTA leaders to pay their membership invoices promptly (encourage direct debit to simplify the process).
  • Share training opportunities with local PTA leaders.
  • Discuss the health of local PTAs in your council at board of directors’ meetings. What support do they want/need?
  • Encourage local PTAs to keep their officer and key position contact information up to date on the Committees tab in memberplanet (WSPTA membership database).
  • Provide a mini-training or roundtable at council membership meeting addressing timely SOA requirements.
  • Encourage local PTA leaders to read Leadership News and share information about other WSPTA newsletters.
  • Remind local PTA leaders about the Annual Report for Nonprofit Corporations — *NEW for 2022* Report must be mailed (no online form available) and should be received by WA SOS by due date (not postmarked date).
  • At each council membership meeting, share the SOA items that your council has completed.
  • Remind local PTA leaders of important deadlines.

May Monthly Tasks

  • Continue assisting with items from the “ongoing tasks” list.
  • Encourage elections before the end of the fiscal year.
  • Continue to share information regarding budgets, budget committees, and best practice of membership approval of the budget before the end of the fiscal year.
  • Hold the last membership meeting to complete unfinished business.
  • Approve the budget and approve any changes to the standing rules. Review the yearly goals and objectives set in September.
  • Work with incoming board members to identify candidates for non-elected board and chair positions.
  • Plan transition meetings for outgoing and incoming council board members and encourage local PTAs to establish a transition plan.
  • Participate in May 2-6 National Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Encourage leaders to attend WSPTA convention and conference May 20-22.
  • Register to attend WSPTACon2022, May 20-22 
  • Last day to register online for in-person attendance or as a delegate is May 12. After May 12, there will be walk-in registrations for nondelegates only during the convention at $ 175. Register here.
  • Reserve your room at the Embassy Suites by May 5 to receive the reduced rate. Reserve hotel room.
  • Make sure to send delegates to vote on bylaws amendments and other association business to support your PTA’s interests.  Voting Delegate Credentials Process for Convention.
  • Recognize and thank council volunteers for their efforts! Check your standing rules for applicable individual volunteer recognition awards such as the Golden Acorn. Awards can be purchased from the PTA store.
  • Continue planning for awards recognition of local PTA award recipients, and awards celebration, if applicable.
  • Report new council officers to WSPTA – Input newly elected officers starting May 1 into memberplanet, the membership database system.
  • Review the End of Year Database checklist (memberplanet).
  • Share information regarding Charitable Organization Registration renewal and that it must be received by date of May 31.
  • Was your council PTA Incorporated in May? If so, your Corporate Annual Report is due on May 31. The annual corporate renewal is due regardless of your PTA’s annual income and is separate from the Charitable Organization Registration/ Renewal. Washington Secretary of State’s office recommends early filing to avoid delinquent status.
  • June 1 Issues/resolutions/principles final submissions due (Final submissions are due by June 1 for consideration by the WSPTA advocacy committee to bring forth to the 2022 WSPTA Legislative Assembly for debate and vote by the delegates).
  • June 16-19 National PTA Convention.
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