September 26, 2018

Who Can Be A PTA Member?

If your PTA is not recruiting members in order to get volunteers, suddenly the pool of potential members has expanded exponentially! So who can join your PTA? Any living person! Quite literally, as long as the potential member is human and alive, they can join your PTA. We do not discriminate based on geographic location,…
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July 6, 2018

Membership Database Year End

The PT Avenue membership database 2017-2018 end of year process has been completed for all PTAs using the membership only version of PT Avenue. PTAs using the finance or full versions of PT Avenue must complete the end of year process by July 15. To learn more, open the PT Avenue End of Year 2017-2018…
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October 10, 2017

Five Ways to Encourage Online Enrollment

On Monday, October 9, as part of the weekly series of “Membership Monday” Facebook posts, we shared a simple way a local PTA is helping remind potential members to get online and join their PTA when they get home. If your local PTA also offers Washington State PTA’s Online Join feature, you may be experiencing…
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October 5, 2017

MEMBERSHIP: Keep Recruiting Members Long After Back-to-School Night

In this week’s “Membership Monday” Facebook post, we encouraged local PTAs to keep recruiting members long after Back-to-School Night. You already set up the membership table once for your back-to-school event; why not make use of those supplies by setting up at other PTA events this fall? Here are a few more ways to maximize…
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August 9, 2017

Membership Database Ready for 2017-2018

PT Avenue Member Database Year End Complete The PT Avenue membership database end of year process has been completed for all PTAs. Your account is ready for 2017-2018 membership. Before Entering Members for 2017-2018 There are a few things your PTA should do before entering paid members for 2017-2018: Check your Board Roster: Are all…
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