Events & Programs


Awards of Excellence – The Washington State PTA has an awards and recognition program whose purpose is to build pride, participation in, and an awareness of Washington State PTA as well as celebrate the work PTAs do to make a difference in their communities. These awards give recognition for outstanding efforts and motivate local PTAs and councils to provide quality service for and involvement of their members.

Applying for these awards helps local PTAs and councils benchmark their efforts and become resources for other local PTAs and councils. Awards and programs also help build awareness of the WSPTA mission and focus. When local PTAs and councils are recognized for the work they are doing, it builds pride in the community and helps people connect with the PTA.

Membership – Outstanding membership recruiting efforts are recognized at a variety of levels. Time has shown that local PTAs that work toward membership growth are consistently more successful than those that do not set membership growth goals.

Individual Awards – WSPTA also provides the opportunity for local PTAs and councils to provide awards to volunteers to recognize the outstanding efforts of individuals as they serve the children in their communities.