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Individual Awards

Individual Awards Given at the State Level and More

Each year, Washington State PTA (WSPTA) through action by the board of directors may honor individuals or groups for their state-level service and/or advocacy on behalf of children by presenting them with a WSPTA award. Recipients of these awards further the vision and mission of WSPTA through their service and/or advocacy at the state level. All awards may not be given out every year.

This is your opportunity to nominate an individual or group for WSPTA to consider for recognition. The WSPTA Awards Committee (a subcommittee of the WSPTA board of directors) will use the information you provide to judge the nominees, so please provide as much detail as possible. Nominees who do not meet the state-level criteria will not be considered but could be nominated at the local PTA or council level.

To nominate an individual or group for one of the awards, complete the WSPTA Awards Nomination Form.   Deadline for nominations is March 15, 2018.  A description of each award and a list of past recipients may be found below.

Service Awards

Outstanding Service

The WSPTA Outstanding Service Award was added in 1962, building on the success of the Golden Acorn Award program. This award recognizes statewide service to children. It is awarded to an individual who has given dedicated and long-term volunteer service that positively impacts every child throughout Washington state while demonstrating the WSPTA core values.

This award may not be given by a local PTA, but a local PTA can recommend a candidate to its council or to the WSPTA board of directors.

View the list of past WSPTA Outstanding Service Recipients.

Honorary Life Membership

The WSPTA Honorary Life Membership Award recognizes an individual who has contributed significantly to the development, growth, and sustainability of WSPTA at the state level.  It is awarded to someone who has shown extraordinary commitment to WSPTA’s vision and mission.

This award may also be given by a local PTA or council to honor an individual who has made significant contributions to the development and growth of the local PTA or council.

Note: Honorary Life Membership Award recipients do not receive a free membership in the PTA that gives the award; recipients of this award need to continue to purchase their own PTA membership annually.

View the list of past WSPTA Honorary Life Recipients.


Advocacy Awards

Outstanding Advocate

The WSPTA Outstanding Advocate Award was established in 2004 to recognize an individual for his or her statewide advocacy and commitment in helping to create strong policies relating to the health, welfare, safety and education of children and youth.  The individual should have furthered WSPTA’s policy positions (legislative principles, resolutions, and legislative issues) by activities such as, but not limited to, submitting policy positions, testifying on policy positions on behalf of WSPTA, or representing WSPTA on workgroups or coalitions.

This award may also be given by a local PTA or council.

View the list of past WSPTA Outstanding Advocate Recipients.

Outstanding Educator

The WSPTA Outstanding Educator Award is presented to an individual who has exhibited continued and dedicated statewide contributions and efforts to enhance the educational outcomes of all children or youth.  This is the “Educator of the Year” award from WSPTA (an educator is not limited to a teacher).

This award may also be given by a local PTA or council to honor outstanding educators who have made significant contributions in their community.  An educator may be defined as a teacher, assistant, specialist, support staff, administrator or community members.

Note: Prior to adding the Outstanding Educator award to your standing rules, consult your school’s staff.

View the list of past WSPTA Outstanding Educator Recipients.

Friend of Children

The WSPTA Friend of Children Award recognizes and honors an individual or organization for state-level dedication to all children through service aligned with WSPTA’s vision and mission supporting the welfare, health, safety and/or education of Washington state’s children.

This award may only be granted by the WSPTA board of directors.

View the list of past WSPTA Friend of Children recipients.

Individual Awards Given at local PTA and council Levels Only

In addition to the above awards, local PTAs and councils may recognize individuals with the following awards:

Golden Acorn

A Golden Acorn Award is presented by a local PTA or council to a school or community volunteer in recognition of her or his dedication and service to children and youth. Since the beginning of this program in the 1930s, more than 54,000 Golden Acorn Awards have been presented to volunteers throughout Washington state. Recipients receive a certificate and pin, and a contribution is made in their name to the Washington State PTA Scholarship Program that benefits students.

Outstanding Student Advocate

In 2011, Washington State PTA created the Outstanding Student Advocate Award to recognize student PTA members who have made significant contributions through leadership and service in their school and community. The Outstanding Student Advocate Award may be presented by local PTAs, councils and regions. Recipients receive a certificate and pin, and a contribution is made in their name to the WSPTA Scholarship Program that benefits students.

A donation of $48 (out of the $50 cost of the above awards, $70 cost of Honorary Life Membership certificate and pin) goes directly toward the WSPTA Scholarship Program. Awards can be ordered through the WSPTA Store.