March 21, 2017

WSPTA Legislative Consultant Testimony

Marie Sullivan, WSPTA Legislative Consultant, providing testimony on SB 5048. 

Tuesday, March 21 (Olympia) – Washington State PTA (WSPTA) Legislative Consultant, Marie Sullivan, spoke during the Senate Ways & Means hearing on SB 5048. She walked the Senate through WSPTA’s legislative platform and tied into the association’s over-arching mission and values. Sullivan then spoke about how that’s what WSPTA will be considering, as we work through the Senate budget proposal.

To me this is what every organization should do – especially when we are talking about an entire budget proposal and not just a very specific bill or piece of legislation – use the testimony as an opportunity to share what our organization is about, what we stand for (including our platform) and how that ties into the relevant issue/bill at hand. Too often, organizations forget to do that and just start doing a line by line recitation – that’s important too! – but ultimately it’s the values and mission of an organization that matter.

Written by
Beth Sigall
VP of Family and Community Engagement
Lake Washington PTSA Council 2.8

View the full testimony here.

Category: Advocacy , Legislative

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