April 17, 2019

2019 WSPTA//Game Development Competition Results

The WSPTA//Game Development Competition Committee is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s competition. This year, students were directed to create a game with the theme of Time.

The first place Team winner with the Best Game is The Rude Goldbergs, with “poTem”. The Rude Goldbergs include Alex Pujol, Rudy Banerjee, and William Erignac, a team from Tesla STEM PTSA 2.8.105. The Rude Goldbergs also received Best Game Design.

The first place Individual winner with Best Game is Riti Bhatwal with “Theory of Relativity”. Riti is from Eastlake High PTSA 2.8.88. Riti also received the award for Best Sound.

Best Code went to the team Macrosoft with “Runner”. Macrosoft includes Ethan Vrhel, Gabe DeLappe, Ben Allwright, and Antoine Herrbach from Eastlake High PTSA 2.8.88.

Best Art and Animation went to team Round Eggs with “Mobius”. Round Eggs includes Reeve Freeman, Ryan James, Ethan Frank, Dylan Bolz from Eastlake High PTSA 2.8.88.

For more information about this program visit the WSPTA//Game Development Competition webpage.

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