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WSPTA//Game Development Competition


gamer kidsThe WSPTA//Game Development Competition is a new STEM-based program, introduced in the fall of 2016, to encourage and support student success. Students in grades 9-12 attending a school with a PTA in good standing may participate and share their knowledge of computer science based on an assigned theme. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for students to use their creative talents by expressing themselves, either individually or in teams, by creating a computer game. Students’ submissions are judged in the following areas: game of the year, art and animation, game design, programming (code), and audio design.



Students must participate through a local PTA/PTSA in good standing. Parent groups not affiliated with WSPTA are not eligible to sponsor this program. It is the responsibility of the local PTA/PTSA to determine each student’s eligibility in the program. A student/team may develop an entry in or outside of school.

Grade Divisions

Students in grades 9-12 may participate individually or in teams. Teams are encouraged and may have up to six members of multiple grades. A PTA may have an unlimited number of teams.


Individuals on teams selected for each category may receive awards of $50 or more. Specifics will be revealed closer to end date.


Teams will register directly with WSPTA. Students will upload their submission directly to the state level for judging. There is no fee for participation.

View the General Rules for Participation.

Questions? Email the Game Development Competition chair.