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Annual WSPTA Convention

Message from WSPTA President

Dear PTA leaders and members,

It was such a pleasure to welcome so many members to our 104th Annual #WSPTAconvention! Enthusiasm and energy filled the days and helped make this year’s event fun and gratifying.

As in years past, we developed a program full of opportunities for PTA leaders to learn and grow in their leadership skills, discover the power of this association for our children, network with other PTA leaders from around the state, obtain new ideas for your PTA, and let your PTA’s voice be heard on important decisions setting the course for the association’s future.

We were inspired by remarks from the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chris Reykdal, the 2017 Washington State PTA Teacher of the Year, Camille Jones, and National PTA’s Vice President of Advocacy, Shannon Sevier. And, most especially, the hard work done by the local PTAs and councils across our state was recognized at the President’s Awards Reception.

By attending convention, you validate our vision and mission and the hard work of PTA leaders like you that have a common passion for improving the lives of children. It is my hope that you feel validated and energized in your role as advocates for children.

On behalf of the WSPTA board of directors and staff, thank you for helping to make this another memorable convention!

Barbara Martin
Washington State PTA President, 2015-2017

105th WSPTA Convention May 18-20, 2018

Reasons to Attend Convention

  • Be inspired. Convention is the place where leaders go to be inspired, understand the issues, and learn the skills to be powerful and effective leaders and advocates.
  • Professional development. Convention classes are the best way for PTA officers to get the leadership training they need to have a successful year, and for returning officers to advance their training.
  • Networking with other leaders. Get to know PTA leaders from around the state, your council, and region, and spend some time bonding with your own board members.
  • Get new ideas. Learn about successful programs and activities other PTAs are doing. Meet vendors and develop new ideas for school assemblies, field trips, fundraisers and a wide variety of enrichment opportunities for your students. Build on your successful programs and introduce new programs for a fresh, new, and exciting PTA year.
  • Convention is fun! It’s fun to get away from your normal routine and spend some time in an environment bursting with enthusiasm and energy.
  • Giveaways and special offers. Exhibitors offer some great giveaways, plus there are fantastic door prizes given out at general sessions.
  • Validation. PTA leaders work hard for the PTA. At convention, you will learn more about the mission of making every child’s potential a reality, meet others with a common passion for improving the lives of children, and feel validated and energized in your role as an advocate for children.


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