WSPTA State Office

Starting December 1, 2019
15 Oregon Avenue | Suite 202
Tacoma, WA 98409-7463

(253) 214-7410

Office hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.
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Executive Director

Andrew Estep, CAE

Andrew began working with Washington State PTA in December 2018. He is excited to use his years of experience in association management to work on the continued success and sustainability of WSPTA.

He has a passion for supporting the staff and volunteers on the board. His ability to bring groups together to work collaboratively towards a shared vision was apparent in the recent work in helping the new 2019-2021 board of directors’ transition into their new positions.

Andrew’s vision is to see our membership begin to grow and for WSPTA to become a model for statewide PTAs throughout the country.

The WSPTA mission resonates with Andrew because of the diversity of his own educational experiences. He sees the patchwork quilt of differing styles, level and quality of his own experiences, reflected in our hopes for children across the state. He looks forward to “working with the Washington State PTA in an effort to ensure that all students have consistent, quality education in our state.”

If you have questions for our executive director, please email

Local PTA Support

Tatia Vasbinder

Tatia has worked for Washington State PTA for the past eight years. She excels in customer service following her philosophy that customer service is about assisting when and where it is most needed while assessing the bigger picture. This allows her an opportunity to give a more complete answer to the question being asked.

She has worked side by side with the WSPTA Growth and Development Committee in developing the process of chartering PTAs, helping to make the steps manageable and removing unnecessary barriers to affiliating with PTA. One of the greatest joys in her position is assisting new PTAs to become an established nonprofit organization.

As Tatia looks to the future, her hope for PTA is that our level of customer service and usage of technology allow us to stand out from other similar organizations. The PTA mission resonates the most with her when “we work together as one.”

If you have questions regarding IRS, Secretary of State, Department of Revenue, or how to keep your PTA running smoothly, email Tatia.
Office Manager

Robert Montenegro

Robert joined Washington State PTA in September 2019. He enjoys that his job allows him to learn new things and interact with enthusiastic people. His proudest accomplishment, aside from the triumphant assembly of office furniture, has been getting up to speed with the membership database to support PTA leaders and answer their questions. His greatest joy is feeling camaraderie and getting things done as part of a team.

He believes the mark of great customer service involves three parts empathy, two parts respect, one part patience, and a pinch of creativity.

When Robert looks to the future of PTA, he hopes to see an organization that has adapted to generational shifts yet still strives toward its core goal of ensuring the success of children, families, and communities. He believes living the PTA mission means being a good neighbor and investing time in one’s community.

If you have questions about member services, the membership database system, or the WSPTA main office, email Robert.
Event Planner

Darcy Brand

Darcy joined Washington State PTA in October 2019. She excels at communication, service, and promoting a fun, upbeat work environment. Her proudest accomplishment was the coordination of reams upon reams of paperwork for the Legislative Assembly. Her greatest joy is in building lasting and meaningful relationships.

Darcy envisions the ideal WSPTA event as a fun, informative experience that makes attendees excited to attend the next event.

As she looks to the future, Darcy hopes to see PTA grow even further and continue to develop active, engaged, and involved members. Darcy believes an organization is only as strong as those participating, so she’s very excited to work with such amazing PTA volunteers form across the state.

If you have questions about WSPTA events and programs, email Darcy.


Communications and Marketing Consultant

Heather Gillette

Heather has worked, in partnership with Barbara Martin, for Washington State PTA as a communications consultant since April 2018. She brings over 25 years of PTA volunteer experience to the job including a term as WSPTA President from 2013-2015.

When asked, she will share that the accomplishment she is most proud of is the work that has been done to move the branding of WSPTA back to a more consistent and professional look and experience. One of the things she enjoys the most is developing the cohesive, integrated strategic vision for sharing information and resources that enable and enhance the success of members, leaders, and other stakeholders who share the PTA mission.

Heather connects with the PTA mission due to the experiences affecting her family while her children were growing up. It was advocating on perennial issues such as defining and funding basic education, bullying, and graduation requirements that helped her to see the power of PTA in its collective voice to raise the quality of life for all children.

If you have questions about WSPTA communications, email Heather.

Communications and Marketing Consultant

Barbara Martin

Barbara has worked for WSPTA as a communications contractor for over a year. Prior to that, she had been a PTA volunteer for the past 20 years, most recently as WSPTA President 2015-2017.

She is most proud of the significant momentum with regards to communications made to date and is excited to have the opportunity to help sustain these strides and to help propel WSPTA into new and improved levels of supporting and empowering their leaders and members through a comprehensive and cohesive plan of marketing and communications.

Her hope for the future of WSPTA would be the achievement of a membership increase such that the ratio of children to members is one to one — one voice for every child and the financial viability to increase relevant and caring programming.

The association’s whole child-centered mission and a platform that supports such was something that Barbara had to be a part of upon becoming a parent. Washington State PTA’s voice on behalf of every child is something of which she is very proud.

If you have questions about WSPTA communications, email Barbara.

Legislative Consultant

Marie Sullivan

Marie has been providing advocacy and strategic communications services to clients for more than 30 years. She has worked in the private and public sectors, and for a non-profit organization. She launched her own consulting firm in 2014 and has been representing the Washington State PTA since the fall of 2015.

The thing she enjoys most is helping WSPTA members feel successful, through training, testifying or advocating at a local or state level. She is most proud of ensuring that the WSPTA member voice is at the right tables to advance its legislative platform and mission. That includes being asked to share the WSPTA agenda at state-level events.

Marie holds to a high level of customer service by being responsive, engaging active listening skills, delivering high-quality products and advocacy at the right time and in the right place. In the future, she hopes that WSPTA is sought after as a leader and partner on K-12 education issues by legislators, executive agencies and partner associations.

If you have questions about WSPTA advocacy and legislative priorities, email Marie.


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