May 25, 2017

WSPTA Seeking Members to Fill Leadership Roles

As the largest volunteer organization in the state, the Washington State PTA (WSPTA) has many opportunities for members to volunteer, lead, engage, and contribute. Every community has available talent and resources that will benefit the PTA and, in turn, the students. People are more supportive of public education when asked to share some of their time as volunteers. For the 2017-18 PTA year, the WSPTA board of directors is seeking PTA members to fill the following leadership roles: region directors, service delivery team members, committee chairs and members.

Committee Chairs and Members
Volunteering to chair or serve on a committee (learn more about each committee here) is a great way to participate in your own professional development while you give back to the children of Washington state. From time to time, additional special committees or task forces are created and the opportunity for volunteers to help is advertised through multiple communication tools.

WSPTA is searching for chairs and members with local, council, or state experience to join one of the below committees for the 2017-18 PTA year. Click here to download the committee application – please complete a separate application for each committee in which you have interest*. Email the completed application to the WSPTA secretary:

  • Bylaws committee
  • Convention planning committee
  • Family & Community Engagement committee
  • Growth & Development committee
  • Leadership committee
  • Legislative committee
  • Membership committee
  • Programs committee
  • PTA Men’s Essay Contest committee
  • Reflections committee
  • Resolutions committee
  • Scholarship committee
  • WSPTA//Game Development Competition committee

Region Directors
WSPTA is divided into 13 regions to achieve a closer working relationship with local PTAs and councils. WSPTA regions  served by region directors who maximize the service to the region by developing a service delivery team that helps local PTAs and councils in their specific region. The area vice presidents identify the region directors with approval of the WSPTA executive committee.

Region directors assume their duties on June 1. A region director is a member of a local PTA, reside within the region to be served, and has served at least two years in some combination as a local PTA or council officer and/or as a region service delivery team member.

Click here to download the region director application.* Completed applications are to be submitted to your Area Vice President (AVP).

Service Delivery Team Members
WSPTA regions are serviced by region directors who maximize the service to the region by developing a service delivery team that helps local PTAs and councils in their specific region. With approval of the area vice president, the region director appoints members of the region service delivery team to assist in carrying out service, training and support to the local PTAs and councils within the region. A main responsibility for the team is to coordinate leadership development opportunities for local PTAs and councils in the region. Each region team reflects the unique needs of that region in the composition of the team. Team members reside within the region to be served and are a member of a local PTA.

Click here to download the service delivery team member application.* Complete and submit application to your region director (RD).  RDs will consider all candidates and then forward the recommended candidate(s) to the Area Vice President (AVP) for review before final appointment.

*Note: application does not guarantee a acceptance for position applied. 

Be Recognized for Your Leadership; Apply for Leadership Academy!WSPTA Leadership Academy
Volunteers who are committed to being a voice for every child make a difference in their community every day. In gratitude for many hours of service and training, the WSPTA board of directors created the Leadership Academy program. The purpose of this program is to recognize and acknowledge leadership skills attained by PTA leaders throughout all levels of the association. PTA leaders are encouraged to join the Leadership Academy program and submit their activity annually to create a record of their leadership in the association.

The program awards leadership points for leadership positions held in both PTA and other educational committees, classes presented, conference attendance, and other WSPTA and National PTA events. The award recognizes four leadership levels from bronze to crystal. All levels are recognized with a certificate and a pin. Crystal awardees are recognized at the WSPTA annual convention each spring. Application for Leadership Academy will open in early 2018 and will be due March 1, 2018.

Presented by
Julie Haase
WSPTA Leadership Director

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