April 22, 2022

Tip of the Week – April 21

Discussions About Change Should Be Uncomfortable

The effects of the COVID pandemic should lead us to a broader discussion on change and what change is best for our members and our association. These discussions should feel uncomfortable. If they do not, then you are not willing to ask the hard questions. Always remember that the best decisions come from collaboration, not dictation or rubber stamping.

During these discussions you should:

  • Keep an open mind. After all, you would have never survived these past couple of years without one!
  • Always keep our mission, vision, and values first and foremost in your mind.
  • Do your best to set aside your ego, your personal role, your gain, or your loss.
  • Change is hard. However, we and the world are changing every day.
  • Treat each other with integrity, thoughtfulness and dignity.
  • When your colleagues are correct, support them.
  • When wrong or you disagree, oppose them. But never personalize your differences or disagreements. When you do disagree, do so with respect and kindness.

Provided by Leslie Boggs, National PTA President 2019-2021

Category: Leadership

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