July 20, 2017

Washington Capital Budget

Dear WSPTA Member, Many schools in Washington are overcrowded or in desperate need of updating in order to provide a healthy and safe learning environment.  One billion dollars in School Construction Assistance is at stake! We are asking you to contact your legislators to do the right thing in supporting Washington’s children and bring the…
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June 22, 2017

Inslee calls 3rd special session, tells legislature it’s time to get their work done

Wednesday, June 21st marked the end of the 2nd special session and the start of the 3rd special session. Governor Inslee called the third special session, clearly frustrated with the lack of progress. Under intense media questioning, Inslee said that he would veto a 30-day budget bill if one came to his desk. “The differences…
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June 5, 2017

Op-Ed Article by Representatives Dolan and Stonier

Here is an informative op-ed piece (Seattle Times) from two state representatives, Dolan and Stonier, that supports WSPTA’s Resolution 18.13, which states no single factor should determine a student’s advancement such as graduation from high school. HB 1046, the bill that has passed the state House three times by a wide bipartisan margin, would still require the…
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May 30, 2017

Office of Financial Management K-12 Education Funding Comparison

Below is a side-by-side summary, from the Office of Financial Management (OFM), of the different McCleary proposals. This is a simplified look at the proposals—it is not comprehensive nor does it have all the details of each plan. The second document below is a look at the dollars based on the state fiscal year. For a district…
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May 15, 2017

Washington State Board of Education May Meeting Highlights

Highlights from the May 2017 State Board of Education meeting are below. You can find packet materials through links in the text, or review all meeting and additional materials online. You can also watch videos of the meeting, by agenda section, online. SBE voted on the following business items: The Board approved the list of Private Schools…
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May 12, 2017

State Board of Education Adopts Resolution on Biology Graduation Requirement

Washington State PTA has supported efforts that would eliminate the state-mandated requirement to pass high school assessments in order to graduate, and has actively supported legislation in the 2017 session to “delink” the test passing requirement from graduation. The State Board of Education (SBE) recently adopted a clear position to remove the requirement to pass…
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May 4, 2017

104th Annual #WSPTAconvention Summary

It was such a pleasure to welcome so many members to our 104th Annual #WSPTAconvention! Enthusiasm and energy filled the days and helped make this year’s event fun and gratifying. As in years past, we developed a program full of opportunities for PTA leaders to learn and grow in their leadership skills, discover the power of…
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