February 15, 2024

WSPTA Testifies: Dual Credit Programs & Graduation Requirements

Advocacy in Action!

WSPTA Advocacy Committee member Natalya Yudkovsky testified in support of HB 1146, requiring school districts to provide information about dual credit programs and any financial assistance available to reduce dual credit and exam costs for students and their families.  In addition to supporting the bill in the Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee on February 14, Natalya requested an amendment that would ensure students and families know how to access and transfer the credits once they are earned.

Watch Natalya here.

Natalya Yudkovsky testified again this week, this time as Other on E2SSB 5849, creating a computer science competency graduation requirement. Natalya pointed out the challenges with implementing another graduation requirement, particularly for the class of 2029, and asked House Education Committee members to consider allowing the State Board of Education to do a more comprehensive review of graduation requirements and the time and resources to implement anything new.

Watch Natalya here.

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