September 11, 2018

Branding and Marketing Your PTA

Almost every PTA operates inside of another business – A SCHOOL. That means that, by default, the school gets credit for every program and event held there. It’s up to your PTA to communicate its ownership of the incredible things it’s doing. By raising awareness of your PTA’s far-reaching impact, you are building brand awareness. You are educating them about what your PTA does. After all, if no one understands what your PTA does, why would they want to become a member?

From the time we’re children, we’re taught it’s rude to brag. However, you must brag about your PTA for its own good! You must actively take credit for the positive things PTA is doing at your school. Here are some basic marketing tactics to help you do that:

  • If your PTA sponsors an art docent program, most families assume it’s a project their child did “at school.” Consider printing inexpensive stickers and putting them on the back of every piece of artwork that goes home. It might say something like, “Art Docent Program – powered by Sunshine Elementary PTA.”
  • Every event sponsored by PTA should have clear signage. Put up a big “Powered by PTA” banner. Make sure people know it’s YOUR activity.
  • Have you educated your school and community about the historical impact of National PTA and the historical impact of Washington State PTA? Help them understand how their membership adds to our association’s voice.
  • Do families know your PTA oversees the school’s popcorn sales or student store? Make sure to include that fact everywhere you can – in advertisements, on signs, at the cash register, even on popcorn or shopping bags!
  • Every official piece of paper, electronic communication, banner, flyer, sticker, ticket, prize, refreshment, and tablecloth you use needs to be labeled with “PTA.”
  • Families need to be aware of the advocacy efforts of your PTA at all levels. Make sure they know about our legislative issues, about the work we are doing in Olympia, and about the training your leaders are regularly attending in order to maximize your PTA’s success.
  • Consider how you use your website. Is it clearly a PTA site? Is it relevant to parents and easy to find?
  • Does your PTA have its own Facebook page and is it clearly labeled “PTA?”
  • If PTA produces your school yearbook or grants funds for student planners, make sure everyone knows – by saying so on the cover.

You may wonder why your PTA should spend money on things like stickers or banners. After all, shouldn’t all of your PTA’s funds go to the kids? Actually, these investments in raising awareness of your PTA’s impact ARE benefitting the kids. By telling families clearly and repeatedly that PTA is responsible for an activity or program, you are demonstrating the value of your PTA and how it directly benefits them. If people don’t value your PTA, they won’t join. If you don’t have people who believe in what you do, and support you, and eventually become members and volunteers and leaders, you won’t have a PTA.

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