May 2, 2018

WSPTA//Game Development Competition Results

by, Roberta Conti, committee chair

The Game Development Competition Committee is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s
competition. The awards ceremony was held April 28th, 2018 at Green River College.

Our first place Team winner with Best Game is Team Calypso, with “A Gravity Adventure”. Team
Calypso is Linkai Shao and Yifan Xu, a team from Eastlake and Skyline high schools (this year we
allowed cross-school teams). (Eastlake is 2.8.88 and Skyline is 2.6.70). Calypso also received Best Sound and Best Game Play.

Our first place Individual winner with Best Game is Grizzly Boar Studios, with “The Graviton Device”.
Grizzly Boar is Deepayan Sanyal, Deepan is from Tesla, 2.8.105.

Best Code goes to Antoine Technologies with “Chicken Run”. Antoine Technologies is Ethan Vrhel,
Antoine Herrbach, Gabe DeLappe, Ben Allwright; all from Eastlake, 2.8.88.

Best Art and Animation went to Operation Sustain, with “Operation Sustain”. Operation Sustain is Rayan
Krishnan, Anne Lee, Suchi Sridhar, Parth Nain, Fred Qin, and Isaac Perrin, also all from Tesla Stem High

Next years’ theme will be announced May 15th.

For more information about this program visit the WSPTA//Game Development Competition webpage.

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