September 2, 2022

Tip of the week – September 1

First 30 Days

As a leader of your PTA, these are great things to do to prepare for the school year.

1) Reach out. WSPTA and National PTA are here to help and support you. Check out the websites for great resources. Also, get social. Follow WSPTA and National PTA on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

2) Listen. Before you begin planning, it is important to understand your unique community’s strengths and needs. Introduce yourself to the school staff and to families and members of your PTA.

3) Gather. There are several items you’ll want to put your hands on right away. PTA records and materials belong to the PTA, not to an individual, and all materials should be passed on to the new 2022-23 leaders. Make sure you have copies of the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws, your standing rules, and the WSPTA SOA documents. Know where your legal documents notebook is located and update as appropriate.

4) Protect. Take these few, critical steps right away to safeguard your PTA’s nonprofit status and protect your PTA from theft, fraud, and liability. Make sure you have the most recent IRS Form 990 filing, change the signatures on your PTA’s bank accounts, and make sure your insurance payment is up to date.

If you still have questions or need support, contact your region director or

(excerpted from, PTA Leaders section on Getting Organized 2019)

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