January 29, 2022

Tip of the Week – January 27

Membership Awards – Don’t Miss Out

There are two types of membership awards – membership growth awards and membership achievement awards.

Membership growth awards are automatically calculated and awarded to PTAs that reach the required criteria levels for bronze, silver, gold or platinum recognition. Your PTA has already done the important work of gaining the members. Now you can sit back and let the WSPTA membership committee and staff pull together the information and recognize you for the work you’ve done.

However, membership achievement awards require the local PTA to complete a simple form and submit by March 15 to receive this recognition for their PTA. There are two opportunities – 100% staff membership and 100% PTA membership. Winners are announced at the annual convention.

Membership is a year-round campaign. Each member gained is another voice to add to your collective support of all students. A strong membership helps build future leaders for your PTA and contributes to the sustainability of your individual PTA. On a broader scale, PTA membership can provide life-skills essential to increasing professional opportunities and models civic responsibility to our children.

Category: Leadership

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