April 15, 2022

Tip of the Week – April 14

What Will Your Legacy Be?

Springtime is a time of transitions for many PTAs. Leaders will be concluding their term of office and moving on. As a leader, now is a perfect time to sit back and reflect upon the goals you had at the beginning of your term versus the realities you face at the end of your term.

For many, the pictures that such a reflection may conjure may not match. And that’s okay. If we learn anything in PTA it is that there are many times that we need to be adaptable to shifting priorities and realities. What is important to know is that your legacy is not based on how many events and fundraisers your PTA put on. Your legacy is about how you found ways to adapt and bring your community together. The ways your leadership helped your PTA to do work related to our shared mission and vision. It is about the path you blazed that will help your PTA today and into the future.

Category: Leadership

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