March 30, 2017

Recognize Your Volunteers with a Golden Acorn

The Golden Acorn Award is a very prestigious Washington State PTA award that is given out by local PTAs/PTSAs for exemplary and outstanding volunteerism and service to PTA. Honorees that receive this award, have volunteer experience at the local PTA level, in the community, and at the school and/or school district level. It is normally given out to a PTA member. WA State PTA does not have a specific criteria for the award because we want to make sure that the local PTA makes it about what they believe is important for their situation/PTA and membership.

To provide you with a true example of how important this award is when it is given…
About three years ago, WSPTA received a call from a 98 year old husband, whose 90 year old spouse had just passed away. She loved her kids, her community, the schools, and most of all – PTA and her experience and time there. She had received a Golden Acorn award and in her will, had asked that she be buried with it, it meant that much to her. Sadly, he could not find her pin and wanted so much to fulfill her last request. He wanted to find out how to get another pin since the funeral was only a couple of days away, and wanted to know if we could help. (We did of course). Needless to say, it had a great impact on all of us that the Golden Acorn presented by her PTA was so important to her.

Recognition of an individual who makes a huge difference to PTA supporting our children, is such a great way to acknowledge how much their service matters. Also, if you have questions, you can also ask your region director for information, and/or council and other PTAs, for the criteria they use, as they also have insights into what you might want to look at to honor your volunteers.

The Golden Acorn and other local PTA/PTSA awards can be ordered anytime through the WSPTA Store.                                                    

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