February 26, 2024

WSPTA’s Leadership Service Award is a tool for leadership development

Washington State PTA is a volunteer organization. The differences we make in the lives of children are because of volunteers committed to being a voice for every child. In gratitude for the many hours of service and training put in by volunteers, the WSPTA Board of Directors created a leadership program to recognize and acknowledge skills attained by PTA leaders throughout all levels of the association.

PTA leaders are encouraged to apply for the Leadership Service Award (formerly known as the Leadership Academy) and submit their activity annually to create a record of their leadership in the association.

Submissions are due March 14th and can be submitted online.

You can learn more about the program by clicking here

Over the next few weeks, we will honor a few of our Leadership Service Awards participants. We want to thank them for their years of service and hope to encourage more PTA leaders to apply to this program.

This week we honor Craig Willis!

Craig has been a part of PTA for 10 years and was first introduced to PTA when he volunteered to run an afterschool drama program. We asked Craig a few questions about his experience.

What valuable lessons have you learned in your PTA journey?

“There is a place for everyone. The needs of a PTA are so vast that everybody has a skill, talent, or passion that can be turned towards helping their PTA.”

How has PTA leadership helped you in life?

“It has given me confidence that I often lack in life. The opportunities to interact in situations that I wouldn’t normally, for instance talking to legislators. It has also allowed me to share my knowledge and experiences with others.”

Why should other PTA leaders apply for a Leadership Service Award?

“The Leadership Service Award showcases not only what you do, but what others can aspire to do. Just in filling out the form you are creating a list of information that can be used on future resumes.”

Questions about the Leadership Service Award? Send an email to

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