April 11, 2019

An Update on the Proposed National PTA Dues Increase

WSPTA Shares Your Feedback with National PTA, Requests Your Additional Input
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Washington State PTA recently conducted a short survey with local leaders and members to gather preliminary feedback about the National PTA proposed membership dues increase that will be considered at the National PTA Convention in June. Thank you to everyone who added their input on this topic (more than 500 people in all).

As promised, WSPTA leaders shared the survey results with National PTA leadership during the recent National PTA Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. WSPTA was in attendance at the live-streamed National PTA Dues Increase Town Hall held during the conference, and the survey results were shared with the National PTA Dues Increase Working Group.

In addition, the WSPTA Board of Directors will use the feedback gathered to discuss the proposed dues increase at the April board meeting and to inform the voting delegates from Washington who will be attending the National PTA convention in June.

Among the most significant results gathered from the recent survey were:

  •  69% of respondents said a dues increase of $1.50 would have a moderate or major impact on their PTA’s membership recruitment efforts. In contrast, 21% said a dues increase of $0.50 would have a moderate or major impact.
  • 87% of respondents said their PTA would need to change its current membership pricing structure (and, therefore, standing rules) if dues increased by $0.50 or more.
  • 91% of respondents said if a dues increase took effect on July 1, 2019, their PTA would need to take immediate action in order to maintain its operations.
  • Respondents’ preferences for the effective date of a potential dues increase correlated directly to the length of time before implementation. In other words, the further out the effective date, the more it was preferred by respondents. (The dues increase proposal has since been changed by the National PTA Board of Directors to take effect September 1, 2019.)
As a result of what was learned from our initial survey, WSPTA would like to gather some additional information from our leaders and members. This additional feedback will be used to inform the WSPTA voting delegates who will be attending the National PTA convention in June so that they can best represent the perspective of the members of Washington state.

This short survey should take less than five minutes to complete and will help us accurately represent the needs of our local PTAs to National PTA. The survey will be open until May 15.

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