August 25, 2022

Tip of the Week – August 25

Manage and Track SOA Requirements

Washington State PTA (WSPTA) provides a Standards of Affiliation (SOA) Agreement Checklist to help navigate legal requirements. Here are some quick tips for successfully managing and tracking the requirements:

  • Add a few minutes for SOA review to each board meeting. Identify upcoming requirements and their due dates, discuss legal requirements and answer questions, assign tasks, and follow up to ensure items are complete. Include completed items in meeting minutes.
  • Use the Training Tracking Spreadsheet to track the training the board of directors has taken during the year.
  • Keep the SOA (and any supporting documentation) in the PTA’s legal records for three years to provide future boards with a record of the completion of these requirements all in one place. (Some supporting documentation, such as minutes, will need to be retained longer.)

Add a few minutes to share the SOA with members at each membership meeting. This demonstrates responsible operation and stewardship of the PTA. Include this information in meeting minutes.

Category: Leadership

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