September 16, 2020

Set Up for Success with Standing Rules

Each local PTA and council has a set of standing rules that members of the board of directors must read and be prepared to follow.  Standing rules are a legally binding agreement between a PTA’s board and members about how that individual PTA will be run.

Standing rules need to be reviewed by the board of directors and approved by members yearly.  Now is a great time to amend standing rules so that they align with new business practices, including online voting and remote meetings, that have become common practice since early this year. Make sure to review any financial policies or processes as well, to ensure that your PTA can effectively do business.

Standing rules may not conflict with WSPTA Uniform Bylaws.  Local PTAs and councils may have rules that are stricter than bylaws, but not less strict.  Many requirements in WSPTA Uniform Bylaws come from state law.

WSPTA has sample standing rules where you can find sample language that reflects PTA best practices.  If you have questions about standing rules, or need assistance, contact your council leaders (if applicable) or your region director.

Category: Governance , Leadership

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