March 29, 2024

A Better Payment Processing Option for Your PTA

Guest post by our sponsor, Cheddar Up

A very buzzy topic among parent groups is: “Can PTAs use Venmo?” The answer is layered: Yes, you could. It is available to you. But should you use it? Here, we’ll look at a few reasons to pinpoint why Venmo may not work for your PTA and a great solution that meets all of your needs.

5 Key reasons to reconsider using Venmo for your PTA

  1. Venmo doesn’t provide tax receipts.
  2. Venmo accounts are connected to one individual.
  3. Tracking and reporting payments are cumbersome.
  4. Venmo can only handle your payments.
  5. Venmo doesn’t support recurring payments.

Why Cheddar Up Is an Ideal Alternative to Venmo for PTAs

One key distinction: We created Cheddar Up specifically with parent groups in mind, so from the start, we’ve developed our platform with your needs (and minimal time) in mind. We also do not impose any limits on how much you can collect or withdraw. Below are just a few features that stand out.

  1. Cheddar Up sends customizable receipts after every transaction. We automatically email a receipt after every payment received on our platform — but you can customize the message. Include the IRS-required tax receipt information in the text box, and you’ve saved your team a follow-up step.
  2. We offer fundraising-specific features. You can choose to post a fundraising goal progress bar, which adjusts to reflect how much you’ve received on your collection (which is what we call the free web page you create to accept donations), so that donors can see how much more you need. (It may encourage them!)
  3. Payers don’t need to create a Cheddar Up account and have multiple payment options. We think this is one of our true points of distinction! People can choose to pay without creating an account, which means donating is truly as simple as click and pay. Cheddar Up also allows payers to pay via debit, credit, echeck, or cash and check payments. More options typically provide parents more convenience and freedom to give. Bonus: You can also set up recurring payments to encourage regular donations.
  4. The fees are flexible too. We give your PTA the option to absorb fees or pass the fees to the payer — on a case-by-case basis. Because you operate on funding, we recognize that sometimes you may want to take on smaller fees to encourage more giving, but other times, like in the event of high-dollar campaigns, you can’t afford to. More about our fee structure here.
  5. Oversight is a breeze. Not only does Cheddar Up automatically sort and track every payment received, you can also access and download a summary of your entire Cheddar Up history in a few simple clicks. On our Team Plan, you can also add/remove managers and assign them permissions you need, each under their own personal login. (No more password sharing!)
  6. Seamless Form + Payment Integration. One of the most compelling aspects of using Cheddar Up for forms, sign ups, and waivers is how seamlessly it integrates with payment collections and event sign-ups. Need to collect a field trip fee and a signed waiver? No problem. Parents can take care of both in one fell swoop. This not only saves time for the parents but also streamlines record-keeping on your end.

Cheddar Up goes beyond Payment Processing

Alright, so you’ve got the scoop on why Cheddar Up knocks it out of the park as a payment processor when stacked against Venmo, especially for the unique needs of PTAs. But what if we told you there’s more to this dynamo than meets the eye? Let’s dive into how Cheddar Up can be your PTA’s superhero, not just for payments, but in every aspect of managing your parent group.

Elevate your event management

Think of Cheddar Up as your event planning sidekick. Organizing a school carnival, bake sale, or the annual fun run? Our platform lets you create event sign-ups alongside your collections. This means you can manage volunteer sign-ups, track attendance, and handle payments all in one spot. Say goodbye to juggling multiple apps and hello to streamlined event management.

Communication that clicks

With Cheddar Up, reaching out to your community is as easy as can be. Our message center allows you to communicate directly with your donors and event participants. Whether it’s a gentle nudge reminding them of an upcoming deadline or a heartfelt thank you after a successful fundraiser, keeping the lines of communication open has never been simpler.

Inventory and sales simplified

Got spirit wear to sell or tickets for the next big PTA event? Cheddar Up has you covered with our inventory management features. Easily set up your items, track sales in real-time, and manage inventory without breaking a sweat. Plus, with our detailed reporting, you’ll always know which items are hot sellers and which ones are not.

Volunteer coordination made easy

Volunteers are the heart and soul of any PTA and Cheddar Up helps you keep that heart beating strong. With our platform, coordinating volunteer sign-ups is a cinch. You can create sign-up slots for various tasks, track who’s signed up for what, and even send reminders to ensure no volunteer opportunity goes unfilled.

In a nutshell, Cheddar Up is not just about making payments easier; it’s about making every aspect of your PTA management smoother, more efficient, and yes, even a little bit more fun. So why settle for a platform that only solves one problem when Cheddar Up is here to help you tackle them all? Let’s make this school year the best one yet, with Cheddar Up by your side every step of the way.

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