February 14, 2023

Changes to WSPTA Uniform Bylaws

The WSPTA Uniform Bylaws is an agreement between our members, Washington State PTA, and local PTAs and councils for how our associations should run. Since it is crucial that the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws do not conflict with state or federal laws that regulate tax-exempt nonprofit corporations or with our Standards of Affiliation Agreement with National PTA, members have given the WSPTA Board of Directors authority to change the bylaws under certain conditions: 

These bylaws may be amended by the WSPTA board of directors for the limited purpose of adopting a change that is required to comply with either applicable law or WSPTA’s affiliation with the National PTA. After adopting an amendment for this limited purpose, the board shall inform each WSPTA member within 30 days and shall report this information to the next convention. An amendment adopted as provided in this section shall become effective immediately unless the amendment or a proviso specifies a different effective time. (WSPTA Uniform Bylaws Article 12, Section 2) 

The WSPTA Board of Directors is informing the membership that the following changes were made to the Uniform Bylaws at their January 21, 2023, meeting and are effective immediately: 

  1. Replace Article 3 Constituent Organizations, Section 3 B: 

 Upon the voluntary dissolution of a local PTA or council, after paying or adequately providing for the debts and obligations of the organization, the membership shall approve a plan in accordance with state law for the distribution of any remaining assets to another charitable or nonprofit organization whose purposes are in accordance with those of WSPTA. 

 Why did the board make this change? 

This change was necessary to comply with provisions in the Nonprofit Corporation Act that require the membership of a nonprofit corporation that is dissolving (will cease to exist) to approve a plan for the distribution of its assets.  

       2.  In Article 10, Section 2 D(2), change 15 days to 30 days. 

 New local PTAs and councils chartered after January 31 of the current year shall be allowed representation on the basis of membership recorded in the WSPTA office 30 days prior to the opening day of the convention. 

 Why did the board make this change? 

 This change was necessary to comply with the requirement in the Nonprofit Corporation Act to provide proper meeting notice to all members eligible to vote (i.e., delegates) at a meeting (convention or legislative assembly). The bylaw was changed from 15 days to 30 days to provide sufficient time for new PTAs to select their delegates and notify WSPTA. 

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