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WSPTA Leadership Academy

Washington State PTA is a volunteer organization. The differences made in the lives of children are because of volunteers who are committed to be a voice for every child. In gratitude for many hours of service and training, the WSPTA Board of Directors created the Leadership Academy program. The purpose of this program is to recognize and acknowledge leadership skills attained by PTA leaders throughout all levels of the association. PTA leaders are encouraged to join the Leadership Academy program and submit their activity annually to create a record of their leadership in the association.

The program awards leadership points for leadership positions held in both PTA and other educational committees, classes presented, conference attendance, and other WSPTA and National PTA events. The award recognizes four leadership levels from bronze to crystal. All levels are recognized with a certificate and a pin. Crystal awardees are recognized at the WSPTA annual convention each spring.

Award Levels


Bronze-level leaders are outstanding leaders with a local focus. They are well-trained and informed on PTA issues.

  • Accumulate 75 total points
  • Attend WSPTA Convention
  • Attend WSPTA PTA and the Law
  • Attend two classes from any category


Silver-level leaders have a broader perspective on the work of PTA and a wider sphere of impact and participation. They understand the advocacy role of PTA and may have an impact at the council or state level (for non-council PTAs).

  • Earn the Bronze Award
  • Accumulate 150 total points
  • Attend WSPTA Legislative Assembly or WSPTA Focus Day
  • Attend four classes from two or more categories


Gold-level leaders are impactful at the council, region, or state level. They understand the organizational goals and perspective of WSPTA. They are able to mentor and provide support for PTAs with differing needs, goals, and perspectives.

  • Earn the Silver Award
  • Accumulate 300 total points
  • Present a WSPTA standard presentation at a local PTA, a council or region conference, or Legislative Assembly
  • Attend WSPTA Legislative Assembly
  • Attend WSPTA Leadership Conference
  • Attend 10 classes from four or more categories


Crystal-level leaders serve their communities. They are knowledgeable and impactful within WSPTA, in their communities, in their school districts, and in Washington state, on behalf of the WSPTA. They are mentors who serve by growing others in leadership.

  • Earn the Gold Award
  • Accumulate 400 total points
  • Present a class at WSPTA Convention, Leadership Conference, or a region conference
  • Attend WSPTA Legislative Assembly
  • Demonstrate community advocacy for a public policy issue in support of a WSPTA legislative position
  • Attend a total of 15 classes from all 5 categories

Leadership Academy application and updates are due March 1st.

This program is free to join. It is a great way to create a record of your leadership development that can be included on your professional résumé, as you gain the skills to become a leader in your community.

Note: Points will only be accepted for up to five years, including the current PTA year. View the points system PDF.

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