Reflections Program for Leaders

Visit the Resources section below to find recordings of our leader trainings.

Thank you for volunteering to host a Reflections® program! Don’t forget to register your PTA or Council Reflections program on the National Database at

All PTAs/PTSAs in good standing may host the program. Only students that attend a school with a PTA/PTSA may participate. Parent groups not affiliated with National PTA are not eligible to sponsor this program.

Councils are required, per the WSPTA Standards of Affiliation agreement, to offer a Reflections® program for their local PTAs. Contact if your council is unable to offer the program or needs help.

Due Date for submissions from councils and non-council local PTAs to WSPTA is TBD. Access the Reflections submission form here. Local PTAs that are part of a council should contact their council for the requirements to enter their PTA’s submissions.


Contact the WSPTA Reflections Chair:


Training Videos

WSPTA Reflections Submission Review and Q&A Webinar (Updated 1/12/24)

On January 9, 2024, a webinar was held to review the Reflections program’s submission process. You can watch the recording of that webinar below.

Leader Resources


Honoring the arts legacy of past Colorado State PTA President Mary Lou Anderson, who established the Reflections Art Program, National PTA awards grants of up to $1,000 so local PTAs can take arts education to the next level at their schools. Find out how your PTA can qualify. 


Promo Videos

Student Entry Packets

Number of Entries to Submit

Local PTA (part of a council)
Contact your council for the number of entries allowed. Each council sets their own limit for the number of pieces each local PTA may advance.

Local PTA (NOT part of a council)
Eight total entries or 10% of total entries received (whichever is greater).
Six additional accessible arts entries.

In addition, be aware that multi-grade level PTAs (for example K-8), may submit 8 entries for K-5th grade, 8 entries for 6-8th grade, and 8 entries for 9-12th grade.

Use the following guidelines for submission percentages (getting as close as you can based on the number of submissions you have):

Category Guidelines
Visual Arts No more than 30%
Photography No more than 20%
Literature No more than 20%
Dance, Film, and Music No more than 30%

Council PTA
The following chart shows the number of entries that may be submitted to WSPTA based on the number of PTAs participating in the Reflections program within your council:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the online process required?

Local PTAs and councils can host their program in person or virtual, but all state submissions will be virtual using the submission system.

When and where do I submit entries?

Each council sets its own deadlines. Contact your council to find out your deadline, and where to turn in your artwork.

The due date for Reflections entries to be received by Washington State PTA for councils and non-council local PTAs:


Please note: if your PTA is part of a participating council you must submit your entries to the council.

How do I know if my PTA is part of a council?

Contact your PTA president, region director, or the WSPTA office.

Where do I find my PTA’s state and national ID numbers?

Your PTA has both a National PTA number and a WSPTA number. Your local PTA president and/or secretary can provide these numbers to you. Your National PTA number is an 8-digit number that usually starts with zero. Your WSPTA number is divided by periods in between 3 sets of numbers. For example, 2.12.123. Both numbers need to be included on the entry form. Your National PTA number can be found at Your WSPTA number can be found at