Region Conferences
For region trainings and conferences, see the below calendar or visit your region's calendar tab.

PTA & The Law
PTA & the Law is a vital training for your entire board and school principal. PTA & the Law deals with state & federal rules and regulations for running a charitable, tax-exempt nonprofit corporation in Washington State and will explain how these rules can and do affect your PTA.

For PTA & the Law training dates, see the below calendar or visit your region's calendar tab.

2017 Legislative Assembly
More information TBD.

Focus Day
January 16, 2017 | Olympia
Learn more here.

April 28-30, 2017 | SeaTac Hilton
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Fulfilling The Training Requirement
WHY the emphasis on training?
As board members, it is our fiduciary responsibility to manage the corporation in the best interest of its members as a whole. To run programs and handle budgets responsibly, knowledge of the applicable state and federal regulations is key to operate your non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable corporation.

Training is what helps to give our local PTAs credibility and is part of the Standards of Affiliation requirement. A well-trained and informed board should be a great selling point to encourage the community to join a local PTA. Trained board members should be proud of stepping up to the responsibility in their local PTA.

Fulfilling the Annual Training Requirement
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