News Briefs
Entering Officers For Next Year
Since migrating to a new membership database system, PT Avenue, the process for recording officers elected for the upcoming year has changed. Learn more here.

Call for Pictures
Have you or someone in your PTA taken great photos at your PTA events this year? If so, you are invited to send in your photos to be included in various WSPTA publications, such as: the annual report, convention presentations, and social media.

Send your photos to support@wastatepta.org. Please include in your email: PTA name, PTA number, location, and who is in the photo. If there are children in the photo, please verify parent permission was granted for publication.
Deadline Dates
Charitable Organization Registration/Renewal
Deadline May 31
Is your PTA's total income (including membership fees sent to a council) $50,000 or more? If so, your PTA is required to be registered with the Secretary of State Charities Program.

If your PTA's income is under $50,000, your PTA is encouraged to file the Optional Registration with the Secretary of State Charities Program. The Optional form is not due annually. Learn more here.

Was your PTA incorporated in April?
If so, your annual Corporation Renewal is due 4/30/16. The annual corporation is due regardless of the income your PTA earns and is separate from the Charitable Organization Registration/Renewal.

Upcoming Events
Visit WSPTA Events page for all upcoming trainings and events.

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