WSPTA Bylaws
All PTA/PTSA local PTAs and councils affiliated with the Washington State PTA are required, as a condition of their affiliation, to abide by and conform to these Uniform Bylaws.
2016-17 WSPTA Uniform Bylaws
The current set of bylaws went into effect on July 1, 2015 and were approved at the 2015 Annual WSPTA Convention - download here.

What Are Bylaws?
Bylaws are a document containing the basic rules of the organization, defining its primary characteristics and how the organization functions. Bylaws include rules the organization considers so important that they cannot be changed without previous notice to the members and a vote in a manner specified in the bylaws themselves. Bylaws cannot be suspended.

All local PTAs/PTSAs, all PTA/PTSA councils, and the Washington State PTA (WSPTA) are governed by the same set of bylaws. Amendments to the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws can be made only at the WSPTA convention.

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