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2015 Legislative Priorities

2015 Legislative Assembly
Saturday, October 24
Red Lion | Olympia | Registration

Washington State PTA 2015-16 Legislator Handout

WSPTA’s priorities for the 2015 and 2016 legislative sessions:
1. Funding McCleary Funding McCleary
2. Create Positive School Climates Through Social Emotional Learning
3. Increasing Capital Funding
4. Increased Access to Higher Education
5. Breakfast After the Bell

Also supported (listed alphabetically):
Access, Equity & Opportunity for Students with Disabilities and Special Needs
Closing Opportunity Gaps
Equal Access for ELL Students
Family and Community Engagement
Inclusive Special Education
Playground Safety
Investing in Teacher Professional Learning (CTWG Implementation)
Regulating Child Restraint and Isolation in Schools

2015 Legislative Issue Survey
Click here to take the Legislative Issues Survey. Results will be posted first week of October 2015.

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Advocacy FAQ
Process for Resolutions, Legislative Principles and Legislative Platform
Submission Rules for Resolutions, Legislative Principles and Legislative Platform

Resolutions: These outline the opinion and will of WSPTA to address statewide problems.

Legislative principles: These give long-term guidance to our legislative advocacy and can be updated at the fall legislative assembly.
Priority platform, “Top 5”: This short-term platform sets priorities for the upcoming legislative session. Issues are voted onto the platform for 2 years. In year one of the 2-year platform cycle, delegates decide the Top 5 priorities. In year two, delegates may update positions, or add to the Also Supported list. This priority platform is established by voting delegates at the Annual WSPTA Legislative Assembly. Legislative assembly will be in October. All PTAs are welcome. Delegates must be present to vote.

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