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  • 2016 Legislative Session
    2015-16 Legislator Handout - Updated 1/2016

    Top Five Issues:
    Fully Funding McCleary
    SB 6195: Concerning basic education obligations.

    Create Positive School Climates Through Social Emotional Learning
    SB 6243: Concerning a training program for educators and parents to develop students' social and emotional skills to help prevent youth suicide.

    Increasing Capital Funding
    HB 2968: The legislature would provide $1 billion dollars in state funding from fiscal years 2016 to 2025 to assist school districts in financing public school facilities necessary to support state-funded all-day kindergarten and class size reduction in kindergarten through third grade.

    Increased Access to Higher Education
    HB 6354: Requires four-year institutions of higher education to adopt a state plan for facilitating reverse transfer of academic credits.

    Breakfast After the Bell
    HB 1295 : Concerning breakfast after the bell programs.

    Supporting Issues:
    Access, Equity & Opportunity for Students with Disabilities and Special Needs

    Access to Health and Dental Care

    Career Development and Training for Paraeducators
    SB 6408: Specifies the minimum employment standards for a paraeducator who works in the special education program, the basic education program, the learning assistance program, the federal disadvantaged program, and English language learner programs.

    Closing Educational Opportunity Gaps
    HB 1541: Implementing strategies to close the educational opportunity gap.

    E-911 Training for Youth

    Equal Access for English Language Learning (ELL) Students
    HB 1541: Implementing strategies to close the educational opportunity gap.

    Family and Community Engagement
    HB 1408: Concerning the development of a definition and model for "family engagement coordinator".

    Improving Education Outcomes for Foster Children
    HB 1999: Coordinating services and programs for foster youth in order to improve educational outcomes.

    Inclusive Special Education

    Investing in Teacher Professional Learning
    Paid Sick and Family Leave

    Playground Safety

    Regulating Child Restraint and Isolation in Schools

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Resolutions: These outline the opinion and will of WSPTA to address statewide problems.

Legislative principles: These give long-term guidance to our legislative advocacy and can be updated at the fall legislative assembly.

Priority platform, “Top 5”: This short-term platform sets priorities for the upcoming legislative session. Issues are voted onto the platform for 2 years. In year one of the 2-year platform cycle, delegates decide the Top 5 priorities. In year two, delegates may update positions, or add to the Also Supported list. This priority platform is established by voting delegates at the Annual WSPTA Legislative Assembly. Legislative assembly will be in October. All PTAs are welcome. Delegates must be present to vote.

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