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2014 Legislative Priorities Issue Survey
Click here to download the Legislative Priorities Issue Survey Results (MS Excel File)

2014 Proposed Legislative Priorities
Click here for the Engage website. Proposed legislative platform priorities may be viewed here by scrolling through the pages for each issue. Each page also contains a link to the Issue Guide and the Original Issue Submittal. Click here to download 2014 Issue Guide

Register Now for the 2014 WSPTA Legislative Assembly!

The Legislative Assembly and Advocacy Training event provides opportunities for PTA leadership training, advocacy training and is the venue for voting delegates to examine issues submitted by members. Voting delegates will debate and vote on the issues that will make up our 2015-2016 legislative priorities.

October 24 & 25, 2014
Vancouver Hilton, Vancouver Washington

  • Legislative Assembly Agenda
  • Top 10 Ressons to Attend Legislative Assembly
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  • Take action
    Timely resources for members, leaders
    Help decide WSPTA’s positions

    Advocacy FAQ
    Process for Resolutions, Legislative Principles and Legislative Platform
    Submission Rules for Resolutions, Legislative Principles and Legislative Platform

    Resolutions: These outline the opinion and will of WSPTA to address statewide problems. Proposals are due June 15 for consideration at the fall legislative assembly; Nov. 15 for consideration at the spring convention.

    Legislative principles: These give long-term guidance to our legislative advocacy and can be updated at the fall legislative assembly. Proposals to amend are due June 15..
    Priority platform, “Top 5”: This short-term platform sets priorities for the upcoming legislative session. Issues are voted onto the platform for 2 years. In year one of the 2-year platform cycle, delegates decide the Top 5 priorities. In year two, delegates may update positions, or add to the Also Supported list.
    • Deadline for proposals is June 15. Proposals will be reviewed over the summer by the legislative committee and the WSPTA board of directors
    • Legislative platform proposal form
    • Our issues survey will be posted by early September. All member feedback is welcome
    • Legislative assembly will be in October. All PTAs are welcome. Delegates must be present to vote.
    • Current platform – Reforming and fully funding basic education is No. 1.

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