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WSPTA's legislative platform
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Every fall, the association selects its legislative priorities, and hearing from you is a valuable step in the process.
Legislative/Advocacy 2013 Survey Results
The results are in with over 5,000 responses. Thank you to everyone who took the survey and sent it out to your community.
Click here to download survey results (2MB Excel file).  

  • Find out your PTAs results by clicking on the red “Your School 2013 Results” tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

  • Top Emerging Issues
    • Washington State Tab is sorted by the most popular.
    • Use the pivot on the red “Your School 2013 Results” tab to find out what’s important to your community

  • There are two other tabs on this file:
      • Copy of the Survey “ Survey Text Information”
      • “2013 Data” which includes responses by school and can be filtered.
    Help decide WSPTA’s positions

    Resolutions: These outline the opinion and will of WSPTA to address statewide problems. Proposals are due June 15 for consideration at the fall legislative assembly; Nov. 15 for consideration at the spring convention.

    Legislative principles: These give long-term guidance to our legislative advocacy and can be updated at the fall legislative assembly. Proposals to amend are due June 15..
    Priority platform, “Top 5”: This short-term platform sets priorities for the upcoming legislative session. Issues are voted onto the platform for 2 years. In year one of the 2-year platform cycle, delegates decide the Top 5 priorities. In year two, delegates may update positions, or add to the Also Supported list.
    • Deadline for proposals is June 1. Proposals will be reviewed over the summer by the legislative committee and the WSPTA board of directors
    • Legislative platform proposal form
    • Our issues survey will be posted by early September. All member feedback is welcome
    • Legislative assembly will be in October. All PTAs are welcome. Delegates must be present to vote.
    • Current platform – Reforming and fully funding basic education is No. 1.
    Charter public schools
    Nationally, PTA has conditional support for these independent public schools. Our focus is not on the label of the school but of the supports in place for student success. While we are not opposed to alternative governance structures or school autonomy, neither are we relaxed in our support. All schools – innovative, traditional or charter – need to be embraced by the local community, support student learning in an inclusive manner, and engage families in a shared-decision making process.

    PTA is an inclusive association and our policies need to embrace the diversity of our membership.

    WSPTA charter public school forum now online.

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