Focus Areas


Family and Community Engagement Toolkit

Assessment tools and guidance on how to achieve PTA’s National Standards for Family-School Partnerships, as well as access to family engagement resources such as the Parents’ Guides for Supporting Student Success. View the National PTA’s Family and Community Engagement Toolkit.

Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit

An array of tools and techniques to enhance your current outreach and diversity initiatives. View the National PTA’s Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit.

Male Engagement Toolkit

View the National PTA’s Male Engagement Toolkit.

Military Alliance for Parents and Partners

A group of organizations that work together to provide resources to and advocate for military-connected families. View the National PTA’s Military Alliance for Parent’s and Partners.

National PTA School of Excellence

This is a recognition program that supports and celebrates partnerships between PTAs and schools to enrich the education experience and overall well-being for all students. View the National PTA’s School of Excellence.

Translated Resources

National PTA has a wide range of resources available in Spanish.

Urban Family Engagement Network

A network of leaders focused on engaging all community stakeholders to work together to ensure urban students reach their full potential. Visit the National PTA’s Urban Family Engagement Network.