Voting Delegate Authorization

The deadline for registration has passed.

Deadline to register: April 12 at 12 PM (noon).
Deadline for local PTAs and Councils to verify delegates: April 18 at 12 PM (noon).

Voting delegates may self-declare their delegate status on the online event registration form. This is as simple as checking a box on the online form. But before you register, please note:

  1. You should review your PTA’s standing rules to understand how your PTA’s voting delegates are selected: are delegates approved at a board of directors meeting or are they approved at a membership meeting?
  2. Discuss with your president the process and timing of these approvals so you can plan when to register.
  3. Your president will receive an email on April 12 with a list of self-declared delegates for your PTA. Your president will then confirm the list of delegates and email with any changes by noon on April 18. No response will be treated as implicit confirmation of the list.

Alternatively, instead of each individual registering themselves, a local PTA or council may register their attendees and designate delegates during this process.

Attendees registered to attend in-person or remotely and designated as voting delegates by their local PTA or council may participate in debate and voting during general sessions.

Delegates must be a paid member of the PTA. The PTA must be in good standing.

Voting Delegate Responsibilities

You are voting on behalf of your local PTA/PTSA or council. Presentations to educate delegates will take place both prior to (on April 18 at 6:30pm) and during the annual business meeting on April 29.

You can register for the April 18 bylaws education here.

Voting Delegate Information

The Voting Delegate Information document provides information to help you understand who can be a voting delegate and the difference between a voting delegate and an attendee.