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WSPTA's Region 2 covers eastern King County and consists of the Bellevue, Issaquah, Lake Washington, Mercer Island, Riverview, and Snoqualmie Valley School Districts.
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Region Director Jane Dulski
Happy Spring!

How the PTA and school year have flown by!

While we are all wrapping up the year, don’t forget that the Region 2 Service Delivery Team and your council leaders are available to help you through the transition.

Elections and Transitions
Many of you are electing (or have already elected) a new board of directors and are preparing to transition for next year. Don’t forget the importance of documentation and passing on lessons learned.

Thank Your Volunteers
Thank yous don’t have to be big – in fact, the IRS requires that they be insubstantial. Otherwise, it could be judged as payment (and the last thing you want to do is to create employees out of volunteers and then have to also deal with labor laws and taxes). Remember that gift cards are viewed as cash in the eyes of the IRS. Thank yous, both in public and written, go a long way. My favorite token gifts are flowers, office supplies and chocolate.

Finish Your Standards of Affiliation Contract Agreements
Don’t forget that in your standards of affiliation contract you agreed that all elected officers would complete training. Contact me if any officers need on-line training. Many of the councils are offering additional opportunities too. All training must be completed prior to the WSPTA Convention.

Start the Year off Trained – Go to Convention!
As you end the year, get your incoming officers trained early – WSPTA Convention is the best way to kick off the year prepared.

More about Convention
Registration is now up for the 2016 WSPTA Convention in Yakima (May 20-22)!

Why should you attend?
- Classes, classes and more classes – start the year ahead by having many of your questions answered. The combination of classes available cannot be found at any other single event.

- This is the general meeting of the Washington State PTA. It is your opportunity to have a say in the running of the WSPTA. Don’t forfeit this opportunity. This year we will be electing the first Area Vice President positions as the board structure changes along with many other board members. Here is the link to the election information.

- Celebrate the achievements of PTAs – state level awards are distributed. I am extremely grateful to the many Region 2 PTAs who take the time to apply for state-level awards. It is very gratifying to have so many of your names called on stage and projected on the screen!

- Meet PTA leaders from across the State of WA. Attending convention is the number one way to network.

- Treat it as a way to get to know your fellow leaders – there is nothing better than getting away for an extended time period and immersing yourself in PTA. You will get more planning done (or at least started) when you put your learning into action.

- Visit vendors and get ideas for future fundraisers (and bring home a few goodies for your kids).

Any Most Importantly…
Thank you for the honor of serving you as your Region 2 Director for the last two years. Your dedication to serving your school PTAs and advocating for all children in the State of Washington continues to amaze me. I have been blessed to represent such a great group of leaders.

Jane Dulski
WSPTA Region 2 Director
Contact Jane:

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