Membership News
The strength of your PTA lies in its membership—the parents, teachers, school administrators, business leaders, and community members who devote themselves to making a positive difference in the lives of children. Members are the lifeblood of PTA and provide the passion, leadership, and hard work needed to fulfill PTA’s Mission.

Membership Announcements
WSPTA Welcomes the following New Local PTAs:
  • Kendall PTA 8.4.37 - April 2015
  • White Center Heights PTA 9.5.170 - March 2015
  • Meriwether PTA 10.4.42 - January 2015
  • Options PTA 8.3.120 - December 2014
  • Support of Different Abilities PTA (Soda)1.13.40 - November 2014
  • Spokane County Special Needs PTA 15.13.200 - November 2014
  • Sacajawea Middle PTSA 9.4.91 - October 2014
  • Two Rivers PTSA 2.18.80 - October 2014
Value & Benefits of PTA
With more than 138,000 members, Washington State PTA is the largest volunteer association dedicated to the education, health, welfare, safety of all children in Washington State. When you join PTA, you support local, state and national efforts to improve the lives of children and their families.       ...learn more
Membership Toolkit
Attracting new members and retaining existing members are among the most important duties of PTA. A strong membership enables PTA to be a force in decisions involving the welfare and education of children. Use this page as a resource for membership-building tools and information.     ...learn more
Membership Awards
Washington State PTA recognizes outstanding membership recruiting efforts to encourage membership enrollment early and throughout the year.    ...learn more
Membership Supplies & Enrollment/Remittance Information
Use this page for enrollment/remittance information and to order membership supplies, access the WSPTA Online Store and more.    ...learn more
WSPTA Membership Team
The Washington State PTA Membership Committee is comprised of a representative from each of the 13 regions. We are here to assist with all your membership comments, questions and concerns.    ...learn more

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