Membership News
The strength of your PTA lies in its membership—the parents, teachers, school administrators, business leaders, and community members who devote themselves to making a positive difference in the lives of children. Members are the lifeblood of PTA and provide the passion, leadership, and hard work needed to fulfill PTA’s mission.

PT Avenue Resources - Member Database
Instructions for Entering New Officers into PT Avenue *NEW*
End of Year Information *NEW*
Member Enrollment and Management Guide
Setup Guide
PT Avenue Guide - Updated June 2016
PT Avenue FAQ
Import Process (Excel template; video)
Whitelisting your WSPTA and PT Avenue Emails

Year End Process
Deadline June 30
The PT Avenue membership only account end of year process must be completed by June 30, but it is recommended waiting until the last day of school has passed to complete the process. See the End of Year Information pdf above for more information.

Entering Council Officers For Next Year
Councils need to email their list of officers to: - include council name and number, officer name, position, and email address, plus mailing address and phone number for president and treasurer.
Membership Announcements
WSPTA Welcomes the following New Local PTAs:
  • Timber Ridge Elementary School PTSA 2.18.10 - April 2016
  • Northwood Elementary PTA 2.9.25 - March 2016
  • John Sedgewick PTSA 1.8.15 - March 2016
  • Lynden Middle and Senior PTA 8.4.35 - January 2016

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