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The strength of your PTA lies in its membership—the parents, teachers, school administrators, business leaders, and community members who devote themselves to making a positive difference in the lives of children. Members are the lifeblood of PTA and provide the passion, leadership, and hard work needed to fulfill PTA’s mission.
Give the Gift of Membership Contest
November 17 - December 15
Give the gift of membership to yourself, a friend, family member, or school staff!
Every member enrolled during the contest will be entered into a drawing for a family night at Great Wolf Lodge.

If you have already joined a PTA this year - thank you!

Consider gifting a WSPTA membership to a friend, family member, or school staff! New members are automatically enrolled in a drawing for a one-night stay at Great Wolf Lodge. Existing members who give a membership can complete the entry form to enter themselves in the drawing.

Note: If a person who is not a member joins, they are automatically entered. If a person is already a member, they can give the gift; the person who receives the gift will automatically entered; and the person who gave the gift can complete the form to submit an entry for themselves (because they became a member prior to the contest, so they would not be automatically entered).

Directions to Enter Drawing
1. Join a PTA or gift a membership.
2. Complete the entry form.
3. Repeat.

Promotional Resources
Flier to send home to parents/guardians: color | b & w
Social media posts: content | .png
Gift tags for bulletin board: color | b & w

Individual: Great Wolf Lodge family night
Local PTA: $100 to use in the PTA store

Prize Notification: The individual and local PTA recipients will be contacted and announced by December 21.
Membership Announcements
WSPTA Welcomes the following New Local PTAs:
  • Marysville Middle School PTSA 7.4.45 - November 2016
  • Gibson PTSA 2.6.60 - September 2016
  • Blue Ridge PTA 12.6.7 - September 2016
  • Carbonado Historical School PTA 5.9.22 - September 2016
  • North Elementary PTA 12.2.10 - September 2016
  • Risdon Middle PTA 9.11.92 - August 2016

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