In 2022, WSPTA members can attend WSPTACon2022, either the in-person convention at the Lynnwood Convention Center or the online learning conference remotely. The event will take place from Friday, May 20, through Sunday, May 22. As new information is confirmed the schedule will be updated, this includes which specific classes or webinars will be offered as well as the agenda for general sessions.

Class numbers begin with an I (in-person) or R (remote) to show which classes are available for which type of registration. The A designations represent the On Demand presentations that are available to all attendees. In addition, each class has been identified in the tracking system as In-person, Remote, or On Demand for easy filtering. Click here to see the in-person schedule. Download the two-page general schedule for events and activities at the Lynnwood Convention Center for a quick reference of times.