State Elections and Voting Information

Voting Delegate Credentials Process for Convention

Each year local PTAs and councils have a chance to send representatives to cast their vote at convention. Items that will be voted on this year include amendments to the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws and new state board of directors.

PTA and council presidents should watch their inboxes for an email regarding voting delegates, and reply to that email identifying their delegates as requested.

Election of New State Board of Directors

Candidate Information

Candidate for President

Michelle Nims

Candidate Short Statement

I am honored to have been selected by the WSPTA Nominating Committee to serve as your next president, as I am #WSPTAproud!

Having served in a variety of roles at all levels of PTA allows me to relate to the work you do and the challenges you face.

The next two years are full of promise, as we build on our association’s strong foundation to advocate for every child – the whole child – regardless of race, creed, gender, or zip code.

We will better define and communicate the value of PTA to the individual member, as well as to our local PTAs and councils. We will evaluate our communication strategy, policies, requirements, tools, trainings, and other resources to ensure we meet your needs. We invite you to get involved and share your ideas and perspective.

I look forward to the challenge of serving as president of this vital association!

Candidate Long Statement           Candidate Resumé

Candidate for Vice President

Teri Davis

Candidate Short Statement

My name is Teri Davis, the Nominating Committee candidate for the WSPTA Vice President.

I look forward to serving our association in this new role on the board of directors. With experience at local, council, region and state, I feel qualified to serve leaders, helping them develop skills to better serve their members. I believe in order to sustain our association for the future, and keep our strong voice for children, that growing membership should continue as a priority.

I look forward to hearing from members and learning their needs and what resonates with them. I want to know “Why do you ‘PTA’?” and I want to be a resource, assisting local leaders in crafting solutions that benefit their PTAs.

I love what we do and stand for as an association and I am excited to be part of the team to direct WSPTA over the next two years.

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Candidate for Secretary

Diane Call

Candidate Short Statement

Diane Call, Richland, Washington State PTA Secretary candidate

I am probably a lot like you! I started volunteering at my children’s schools  because I wanted to make a difference in their school experience and to help provide interesting and challenging opportunities for students at the school.

I’ve been involved with the Washington State PTA as a board member (Region 12 Director) and on several state committees over the last five years or so. I’ve served the Richland PTA Council as president and as Reflections chair. I’ve worked in local PTAs as a treasurer, president and Reflections chair.

My personal mantra is ‘find a need and fill it.’ I would like to extend my experiences working with children and with adults on PTA boards to serving this organization as its secretary the next two years. Please confirm your confidence in me to represent you and this organization with your vote.

Candidate Long Statement

Candidate for Finance Officer

Janice Kutzera

Candidate Short Statement

I am honored to be nominated for the position of Finance Officer. This role requires many things, but two of the most important are fiscal responsibility and leadership. In order to remain relevant, and grow our association over the next 100 years, we have to be very mindful of how we operate as a business. Over this past year, I have worked with our Corporate Finance Committee, staff and board members to set priorities which focus on sustainability and improved educational opportunities and tools for you, our local leaders. I would like to continue this work over the next two years, while including you in the process. My career and PTA experience provide relevant perspectives.

I believe in the powerful voice of PTA, and by working and standing together, we can build even more for this wonderful association. I respectfully ask for your vote for the office of Finance Officer.

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Candidate for Family and Community Engagement Director

Duncan Taylor

Candidate Short Statement

Why does Washington State PTA exist? If someone asked you that question, and you had one sentence in which to respond, what would you say? I’ll tell you my answer; for the betterment of families, to the benefit of children.

I promise you, that sentence is not (solely) an attempt to be pithy; rather, it strikes at the core of what it has meant to be a member of this organization over the last 112 years. It’s essential to the successes we are heir to, and I believe it is imperative to the future of this association.

A year ago I told you I wanted to empower individuals to advocate for the children in their communities. That remains my mentality today – I’m simply bringing that perspective to another aspect of PTA’s service offerings. It’s my sincere hope that you will support the incredibly important work of Family & Community Engagement.

Candidate chose not to provide a long statement.

Candidate for Leadership Director

Julie Haase

Candidate Short Statement

Without the families, volunteers, advocates, and teachers that work tirelessly on behalf of WSPTA, we could not achieve our mission. As your Leadership Director, my goal is to support our volunteer leaders by providing the tools and information they need to make a difference in schools and communities – and by making these tools easier than ever to access. I will continue to expand training opportunities that serve our leaders where they are. These opportunities include live webinars offered across the state and recorded classes, available anytime on the WSPTA website. I want our leaders and volunteers across the state to feel competent, confident, supported, and ready to work toward fulfilling the mission of PTA. It would be a privilege to pursue these initiatives as your WSPTA Leadership Director.

Candidate Long Statement               Candidate Resumé

Candidate for Legislative Director

Nancy Chamberlain

Candidate Short Statement

My name is Nancy Chamberlain, and I would be honored to serve the members of the Washington State PTA as Legislative Director.

For the last 9 years, I have proudly been a full -time PTA leader and advocate, focused on both local school district and statewide issues.

As your Legislative Director, I have several goals:

  1. Design new tools, resources, and trainings for local and statewide advocacy
  2. Build a strong statewide Legislative Committee
  3. Improve communication to Legislative Chairs
  4. Make advocacy easy and relevant to our members
  5. Build on the momentum from Focus Day 2017
  6. Increase the visibility of WSPTA as a leader in advocating for the education and well-being of all children in Washington State.

To ADVOCATE means to be the VOICE FOR someone else. Together, we can be the VOICE, 132,000-strong, FOR the 1.1 million students in Washington State. Every Child, One Voice.

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Candidate for Membership Director

Megan Klein

Candidate Short Statement

Megan Klein

I am passionate about PTA membership and look forward to spreading that enthusiasm statewide!

I have a bachelor’s degree in communications, and worked in marketing and branding for several years. When I first became a membership chairperson at my local PTA, I realized my education and professional background could be applied successfully to PTA membership. That year, our PTA increased its membership by 150% and achieved 100% membership.

I’ve since served in numerous membership posts, including Membership Vice President of Puyallup PTA Council, Region 5 Membership Chair, and as a current member of WSPTA’s Membership Committee. Additionally, I developed “Membership Boot Camp” in order to share the concepts now being used successfully across Washington.

I’m thrilled at the prospect of serving as Washington State PTA’s Membership Director, and hope to work alongside even more local, council, and regional PTA leaders as we steadily increase our voice across the state.

Candidate Long Statement               Candidate Resumé

Candidate for Program Director

Kimberli Swenson

Candidate Short Statement

My name is Kimberli Swenson and I have been nominated for the position of Program Director for the 2017-2019 term for the Washington State PTA Board of Directors.

During my 14 years of service as a local PTA member, leader, and WSPTA leader I have grown and learned more than I ever thought possible. I have thoroughly enjoyed this time serving on the WSPTA Board of Directors providing help, support, and training to our local PTA leaders. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve and grow in this new position on the board.

I am both humbled and honored to have been nominated for the position of Program Director, and if elected, I will work diligently to meet your expectations and to continue to provide outstanding service to our members.

Candidate Long Statement

Candidate for Area A VP

Monika Scotti

Candidate Short Statement

My journey with PTA started 18 years ago, as Popcorn Volunteer. I wanted to be a part of my son’s school life and what a better way than with PTA. Looking up and finding what wonderful things this Association has done for our Children, I knew then and there I wanted to be a part of Washington State PTA. I have served in a variety of PTA Leadership roles, whether it be at a local PTA level, on the Council, Service Delivery Team, Region Director or even now as Area A Vice President.

I believe that with the support of our members we can make a brighter future for our kids. Your voice matters to the Washington State PTA, your input makes a difference. So, that is why I am running for Area A Vice President.

Let’s do this together

Monika Scotti

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Candidate for Area B VP

Jane Dulski

Candidate Short Statement

I am honored to be the nominee for Area B Vice President representing regions 2 and 5. For over 14 years, I have served in a variety of positions from the local PTA to the state level. Most recently, I served as the Area B Vice President. I am excited to continue to represent the two regions in a governance role on the WSPTA. We have an organization whose strength is in developing leaders and supporting all issues related to children. It will be an honor to represent this impressive group from regions 2 and 5 on the Washington State PTA Board of Directors. I appreciate your vote.

Candidate Long Statement               Candidate Resumé

Candidate for Area C VP

Tania Skinner

Candidate Short Statement

As a PTA member and leader for over 15 years, I feel honored that the nominating committee has put my name forward for the position of Area C Vice President. I look forward to the possibility of serving regions 9 and 10. Having served as president, vice president and many chair positions at the local PTA level, treasurer & president at the council level and as region 9 director for 2 years, I have the experience and knowledge needed to serve in this position. As PTA leaders and members, you are what makes WSPTA great and I feel that I can be a resource with my experience that will help you as leaders serve your school communities! I am blessed with a family who supports my PTA life and look forward to their continued support if I am elected into this position.

Candidate Long Statement

Candidate for Area D VP

Amanda Shipman

Candidate Short Statement

It’s been an honor being the Area D Vice President this past year. I really enjoyed piloting the Area Vice President position. This year I plan to continue the work from the foundation I started with Regions 3, 4, 11 and 12. I truly enjoy working with these Regions as they are all similar in so many ways. Yes, Area D is vast but I get to travel and meet wonderful PTA leaders. I get to offer guidance to the Region Directors and still learn from Local Leaders along the way and still help my Local PTA. I have a plan and in my future, is PTA. I want to and am willing to hold positions for many years to work my way up to WSPTA President. Thanks for all your support. And as always Have a Fabulous PTA day!

Candidate Long Statement

Candidate for Area E VP

Mary Levesque

Candidate Short Statement

While raising her five daughters and one son, Mary needed to find some grown up time, and started volunteering in schools and with PTA. Currently her children are in 3rd, 5th, 8th and 10th grade. Her oldest daughters graduated in 2013 and 2014. She is working part-time at the local hospital in the billing office, and part-time at a local gym managing the childcare staff.

As a mom, she has helped in schools and PTA’s for many years. Her passions are kids, schools, and PTAs. She also ran her first marathon last summer. She loves camping, hiking, and all the yummy foods. She is life long learner.

She has served in Region 7 as a Region Director for the last two years, with organizing conferences, training, visiting and assisting local PTAs with various needs and attending State PTA board meetings. She looks forward to serving as Area E VP.

Candidate Long Statement

Campaign Regulations

Campaign regulations are found in the WSPTA Policy Manual section 7.4.2, starting on page 47.

Elections Oversight Committee (EOC)

The EOC oversees the election process. The committee reviews all materials, including web page content, and all brochures, prior to publication and distribution, for compliance with specifications in the WSPTA Policy Manual. All concerns raised during the election period shall be directed to the EOC chair. The EOC has final authority in enforcing compliance with election policies and procedures.

To contact the EOC chair, email