Legislative Assembly
2015 Legislative Assembly
The Washington State PTA held its 37th Annual Legislative Assembly Saturday, October 24, 2015 in Olympia. There, delegates met to add supported legislative issues to the 2015-16 legislative session in support of the organizational vision of "Making every child's potential a reality." The 2015-16 legislative platform continues to support the delivery of the association's vision and mission.

In all, two new supported issues were voted in favor of; in addition to the five short-term legislative issues. As a whole child advocacy association, the priority issues represent health, well-being, and educational needs for all children in Washington State.

Education Perspectives with Marcie Maxwell
Engaging Participation for Advocacy and Legislative Priorities
Paramount Duty Resolution for Organizations
Simple Majority Bonds with Representatives Gregerson and Muri

WSPTA Newly Supported Issues
1: Improving Education Outcomes for Foster Children
2: Career Development and Training for Paraeducators

WSPTA Priorities for the 2015 and 2016 Legislative Sessions
1. Funding McCleary Funding McCleary
2. Create Positive School Climates Through Social Emotional Learning
3. Increasing Capital Funding
4. Increased Access to Higher Education
5. Breakfast After the Bell
The Washington State Board of Directors approved and voted unanimously a funding McCleary resolution. This was also briefed and highlighted as a take action during Legislative Assembly.

What can you do? Legislators and the governor need ot hear from you and your PTAs. You can take action by having your PTA adopt the Paramount Duty Resolution and follow up with a letter to Governor Inslee and legislators. Download a sample letter.
Outstanding Advocate Award
During the 37th Annual Legislative Assembly, the WSPTA also recognized Sherry Krainick as the 2015 Outstanding Advocate Award recipient. The Outstanding Advocate Award recognizes and honors an individual for continued and dedicated service to ALL children, and a demonstrated commitment to helping create strong policies relating to the health, welfare, safety, and education of children and youth. Krainick most recently served on the WSPTA Board of Directors as the Legislative Director, 2013-2015.

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