Legislative Assembly
2014 Legislative Assembly
October 24 & 25, 2014
Vancouver Hilton, Vancouver Washington

The Legislative Assembly and Advocacy Training event provides opportunities for PTA leadership training, advocacy training and is the venue for voting delegates to examine issues submitted by members. Voting delegates will debate and vote on the issues that will make up our 2015-2016 legislative priorities.
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    Keynote Presentations
    Friday Luncheon Lecture: “Shoot for the Stars: Family Involvement in STEM Education”
    Department of Education Region X Director Linda Pauley and Dr. Kareen Borders

    Saturday Morning Continental Breakfast: Discussion on Federal Agriculture issues that affect children
    Mario Villanueva, Regional Director USDA

    Program Discussions on Closing the Opportunity Gap Defining the Opportunity Gap and Mining the Data
    Rep. Chad Magendanz; Melissa Beard, OFM
    A discussion on state and federal data policy. This class will review data trends, discuss ethics issues, and the ever changing role of testing in education. This class will also address current State and National Legislation devoted to this issue.

    A View Outside the Classroom - Learning Readiness:
    Nick Federici; David Scott Beard, Schools Out WA
    Exploring the challenges facing children who are in the gap and how these challenges affect their ability to go to school "learning ready." Discussion will range from poverty, developmental, health, and social challenges.

    Trend Setters in Closing the Opportunity Gap
    Carla Santorno, Tacoma Superintendent; Susan Barbeau, First 5 Fundamentals; Nalani Linder, United Way Pierce County; David Scott Beard, Schools Out WA
    Reviewing successful programs throughout Washington that are making headway in reducing the opportunity gap in their communities. Focus will be on programs that have undergone analysis and review the results and potential applicability beyond the subject area.

    Program Discussions on Early Learning

    Fundamentals of WA Early Learning Policy and Direction
    Marcie Maxwell, Education Policy Advisor to Governor Inslee, Skip Priest, Legislative Consultant to State Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn
    Discussing the fundamentals: why early learning is a key to success for most children. Topics will cover initial findings from recent studies and the evolution and passage of our current Early Learning Programs in Washington.

    Strategies for increased access to early learning
    Tracye Ferguson, Tacoma School District Director of Early Learning; Michele Rahl Lewis, Program Specialist for Tacoma School District
    Reviewing municipal and school district strategies both enacted and in the planning stages to expand access to early learning in Washington.

    Data Driven Success on the Ground
    Gretchen Breunig, OSPI; Heather Moss, DEL; Jodi Wall, ESD 112
    Discussing early learning programs - what works, what doesn't and what are reasonable expectations.

    K 12 Budget and Finance

    Capital Budget and Funding 101 (School Bonds)
    Wolfgang Opitz, Chief of Staff, WA State Treasurers Office; Shawn Lewis, WEA
    The rules of the road on where we have been, where we are, and what opportunities lie ahead in funding capital needs in Washington Schools.

    K-12 Budgeting 101
    Shawn Lewis, WEA; Kate Davis, OFM
    Basic Operating and Revenue Budget 101 for the K-12 System in Washington. Where the money comes from and where it goes.

    PTA Advocacy and your School Board

    Function of the Local School Board
    Karen Vialle, Tacoma School Board; Edri Geiger, Vancouver School Board
    Focusing on the challenges facing local school boards, their roles and functions in relationship to the Legislature, the State Board, and OSPI.

    Labor Law and Contracts
    Mike McNett, WEA; David Alfred, Employee Relations Negotiators Network
    Focusing on the labor relations function of local school boards – how contracts are negotiated, and what issues arise.

    How to lobby your board
    Edri Geiger, Vancouver School District; Karen Vialle, Tacoma School Board
    Perspectives from School Board Members on how to effectively advocate for children at the school board level.

    State Board of Education Ben Rarick, Executive Director and Board member Isabel Munoz Colon
    Clarifying the role of the Washington State Board of Education in setting Education Policy and how you can work with the BOE to improve the lives of children in Washington State.

    PTA and The Press

    Media Relations - How to work with the media and how to get their attention
    Sherry Grindeland, Snoqualmie Valley Herald; Susan Parrish, Vancouver Columbian
    This course is designed to have reporters teach PTA members how to effectively communicate their message to the press in a manner that is useful to both parties. They will share with the audience what is typically newsworthy and how to get your best foot forward in an interview.

    Family Engagement Through Social Media
    Megan Anderson, Port of Tacoma; Alicia Lawver, Puget Sound Partnership
    Successful membership engagement strategies using social media.

    Career Technical and Higher Education

    Career and Technical Education (CTE) Roundtable
    Representative Sharon Wylie; Tim Knue, WACTE
    Concentrating on recent changes to CTE and the future of these programs.

    Access to Learning - Strategies on making college affordable
    Rep. Chris Reykdal; Senator Ann Rivers; Dr. Rachelle Sharpe, Senior Director for Student Financial Assistance and Support Services
    Exploring the costs of higher education and the programs that are being discussed to give Washington's children access to college.

    Business Roundtable
    Shari Workman, Multicare plus other industry leaders TBA
    Industry representatives discuss the state of our youth graduating high school, the skills needed in the field, and what we are doing to make that happen.

    Things you need to know to send your kid to college
    Anna Batie, WSAC
    This is our "reality check" course for parents who want their children to enroll in an institute of higher learning. Discussion will range from budgeting to required testing, academic needs, etc.

    PDC Guidelines for Advocacy: When you advocate – this is what you need to know and report.

    Advocacy in Olympia - Talking to your legislator
    Former Senator Debbie Regala and Nick Federici
    Legislative Advocacy from the perspectives of a leading advocate and former State Senator.

    PTA and the Levies
    Alex Hays, Mainstream Republicans of Washington; Ben Anderstone and Nic Van Putten, PNW Strategies; Scott Winship, Vandeberg, Johnson & Gandara
    Discussing what PTA’s can and cannot do during the levy season as well as tips, trends, and strategies by local consultants on winning levy and bond campaigns.

    Access to Health Care

    Ingrid Mungia, Multicare
    Discussing the challenges of accessing health care providers outside the Puget Sound area and options and opportunities to improve access.
    2014 Legislative Priorities Issue Survey
    The survey is now closed. The WSPTA is processing the data. Results will be posted as soon as it is available. Thank you for taking part of this survey.
    2014 Proposed Legislative Priorities
    Click here for the Engage website. Proposed legislative platform priorities may be viewed here by scrolling through the pages for each issue. Each page also contains a link to the Issue Guide and the Original Issue Submittal.

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