Individual WSPTA Awards
The Washington State PTA has an awards and recognition program whose purpose is to build pride and participation in, and an awareness of Washington State PTA programs; to give recognition for outstanding efforts; and motivate units and councils to provide quality service for and involvement of their members.

A donation of $48 (out of the $50 cost of the following awards) goes directly toward the WSPTA Scholarship Program.
Outstanding Advocate
Recognizes and honors an individual for continued and dedicated service to ALL children, and a demonstrated commitment to helping create strong policies relating to the health, welfare, safety, and education of children and youth.
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Outstanding Educator
The Outstanding Educator Award may be presented by local units, councils, and WSPTA to honor outstanding educators who have made significant contributions. Click here to nominate someone for the a local unit or council Outstanding Educator award:
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Honorary Life Membership
The purpose of the Honorary Life Membership is to honor an individual who has made significant contributions to the development and growth of PTA local unit or council.
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Outstanding Service Award
The Outstanding Service Award is the highest volunteer award given to individuals by the PTA councils. It is awarded to someone who has gone beyond his or her own school community, job, or PTA in order to give dedicated volunteer service to children.
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Golden Acorn

A Golden Acorn Award is presented, by a local PTA unit or council, to a volunteer in recognition of his/her dedication and service to children and youth. Since the beginning of this program, more than 44,000 Golden Acorns have been presented to volunteers throughout Washington State.
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